Moving around is hard. You start to feel lost. But this time its different. I met this curly haired boy that changed my life forever. When things start to go wrong new people enter and others leave, will he stick around? Will this curly haired boy save me? Or will he find me and take me.


6. Harry?

"Harry?" I whispered

"yeah" He spoke

I took a step a back and stared at my feet. I didn't want to look at him or talk to him, he told everyone that we were dating.

He stepped closer and went to wrap his arms around my waist but I took another step back.

"Whats wrong?" He asked

"Why did you tell everyone that we are dating?!"

" I didn't" He said. I didn't even realise that I was crying until he wiped my tear away with him thumb, I took a step back shaking my head while looking at the space in between us, I couldn't look at his face.

"Y-your ly-ing" I said in between sobs. I could not believe he could stand here and lie to my face and I thought he was something special.

The pizza guy knocked on the open door watching us. Giving him the money, I grabbed the pizza putting it on the bench and harry smirked. "What?! A girl cant eat a pizza when shes home alone?" By the look on his face he was shocked at my outburst. I just laughed and went to walk away. "Please lea-" Harry had hold of my wrist, he pulled me back over to him facing him. Great now im looking at his lips wanting to kiss them. No! Katy you will not kiss him!

"Listen, I like you a lot katy and I dont wanna lose you I just got you" He leaned in and I moved back realising im now against the wall not being to go anywhere. Harry smirked and moved forward again, leaning in he kissed me deeply. It was like no other kiss. His hands held my hips as he pulled me closer to him, I put my arms around his neck and played with his hair. We finally broke away and breathed heavily, he took hold of my left hand and smiled at me.

"Katy?..." He started

I smiled at the way he said my name, like magic.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He looked at my eyes deeply trying to figure out my response.

"I started to laugh and launched at him, hugging him then whispered in his ear. "yes".

The rest of the night Harry and I ate the pizza while watching music videos. He's a really good singer! That's something I didn't expect. He's always surprizing me, in a good way. Its really late now and I yawned.

"Are you tired?" He got up and moved closer to me. He then started moving my hair out of my face.

"Yeah, had a big day" I smiled

He smirked and lifted me up.

I squealed.

"where's your bedroom?" he whispered in my ear. It sent shivers down my spine.

"Up stairs first to the right"

We carried me to my bedroom and placed me in my bed. He tucked me in and kissed my forehead.

"Sweet dreams beautiful" He whispered.

I fell asleep immediately.

 Sorry that I have not updated in months, I've had a lot of trouble with school. But I've finally written a short chapter! this is just the beginning of the end..... Do you think they will last, when someone comes back for trouble?

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Brittany xxx

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