Moving around is hard. You start to feel lost. But this time its different. I met this curly haired boy that changed my life forever. When things start to go wrong new people enter and others leave, will he stick around? Will this curly haired boy save me? Or will he find me and take me.


7. Confused

With a sigh I opened the front door to my house. It's another one of those Mondays were you just don't want to get out of bed. Its raining and cold outside so Im rugged up in clothes and big fluffy boots that feel like slippers. Walking to school I heard a car pull up beside me turning to face the road, I took a glimpse of the number plate. Harry. I smiled and opened the car door. "Hey Beautiful" He smirked. He's so cute and sexy its so hard for me to contain myself sometimes, like I just wanna kiss him so badly. "Hello Handsome" I said kissing him, he kissed me back quickly then started driving to school.

School was a drag as usual it was very cold but lunch was great because I was with harry and he held me to keep me warm.

Harry drove me home and he came inside. We sat down and started watching TV while drinking hot chocolate. It tasted very good and kept warm not that I needed it because I had Harry for that. I smiled to myself thinking about how amazing he is.

"Are you okay baby?" He smirked. He obviously saw me smiling like an idiot to myself. How embarrassing.

"Yeah Im fine, just thinking" I smiled shyly .

"What of?" He now was curious. He moved closer and took hold of my hand. How sweet!

"You... You just make me so happy. I was lonely having no friends before you. Me and my mum use to call you mystery boy before we knew your name." I was red in the face at this stage.

He started to laugh and came closer. He kissed me and I kissed back. It was so good, he was a great kisser. Before I knew it we were really getting into it. Not that into it where it was going to lead to sex. But so that it wasn't a quick enjoyable kiss but a long passionate meaningful kiss.


Harry and I broke apart and stared straight at the door. I was so scared my heart stopped. Then my mum walked in. I was relieved. Mum gave us an apologetic look.

"Mum! you scared me" I said getting up off the lounge.

"Sorry hunny, the wind blew the door open as I unlocked it" She locked the door again and gave me a big hug. She raised her eyebrows toward Harry. Oh right they haven't met yet. Whoops.

"Mum this Harry and Harry this is my mum Caroline". Harry hugged my mother.

"Nice to meet you Harry, heard a lot about you" She winked. Oh boy here we go.

"Nice to meet you also Caroline. So I've heard, Katy was telling me earlier. My nicknames Mystery boy" Mum and Harry both laughed and I went red.

Mums phone went off and she read it. Her face dropped, I instantly got worried.

"Everything alright mum?"

"Uhh yeah..." She put her phone and purse on the bench. Then she went around closing all windows and blinds and locking all doors. OK something's up and I was going to find out.

I walked over to the bench and picked up her phone.

A message from an unknown number.

From: Unknown

Im back and I know about Katy's little boyfriend....


I put down the phone and looked at Harry.

"Something's wrong." I spoke shakily.

He held me in his arms and whispered.

"Everything will be okay. Ill save you, I promise"

Mum came down the stairs crying.

"Katy I need to talk to you. Harry you should leave, Katy will talk to you later"

Harry faced me and gave me a reassuring smile. He kissed me quickly.

"Text me when your ready babe."

With that he left. I walked up to my mum and she held my arm, like she thought I was going to run away.

"You need to break up with Harry" she said plainly.

"What?! Why?!" I started to cry. I am so confused, What's going on around here?

"He will be in danger if you continue this relationship. We need to move again."

My mum had no emotion on her face or voice now.

"What? We have only been here a week. What do you mean he will be in danger?"

"I cant explain everything now"

"MUM! Stop! I read the message. Who is it? The message who is it from? Why has he found us and know about Harry? Is this why we always move? Are we running from someone?"

My mum started to cry again. She sat down on the bottom step.

"yes" she breathed.

"Why? Who is he?"

"Your Father"

I stopped crying and in fact I was now emotionless.


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