Moving around is hard. You start to feel lost. But this time its different. I met this curly haired boy that changed my life forever. When things start to go wrong new people enter and others leave, will he stick around? Will this curly haired boy save me? Or will he find me and take me.


14. Choices

I've had a blast staying at Anne's, I've had two weeks off of school now and I don't care. I'm with Harry and he's protecting me. With Harry I feel safe. I haven't heard from my father in a while, I'm still upset about my mum, but im sure that she wouldn't want me to gloom she wants me to be happy and safe. But I just miss her so much its crazy. Its Friday night and me and Gemma are watching a movie together in her room. We are watching chasing liberty and its really good. We laughed and talked all night. Like best friends. Harry is out with his mate Niall and he'll be back later tonight. Gemma and I started to talk about Harry and it was a little awkward. "So how are you and Harry?" she spoke nudging me with her elbow into my upper arm.

"we're good"

"You guys are good? That's it? Have you, you know...." She elbowed me once more.

"What? No" I laughed

"Katy your a bad liar so I take that as a yes!"

 I laughed and smacked her on arm.

"Stop! I don't want to talk to you about this. Its weird he's your brother."

"And your my best friend Katy" We both smiled and I leaned forward and hugged her tightly.

"Thankyou" I whispered.

I've never had a real friend before. To know that Gemma was my best friend mad me so happy. Even though she is Harry's sister I don't care. She's amazing and so kind and funny.

"You better go to bed babe, we are gonna go shopping tomorrow! Buy us a new wardrobe, especially you!" She just laughed obviously very excited.

"Alright Gemma" I gave her a hug while we giggled.

Going to my room I didn't realise how late it was. I checked the time on my phone and it read 1:00am. Wow I really need to go to bed.

I quickly had a shower to help me sleep, then got into my Katy Perry pj's. Love her we have the same name! I laid in bed and cuddled into my pillow, I was just about to fall asleep when the door slowly creaked open.

I leaned up and smiled as I turned on the lamp next to the bed. It was Harry.

"Sorry babe, didn't mean to wake you" He came towards me and sat on the edge of the bed.

"you didn't I wasn't asleep yet, was with Gemma" I smiled

"Okay good" He breathed. He leaned forward and kissed me .I kissed back. We were kissing for a good 5 minutes before he pulled away.

"Im gonna go have a shower babe, try and get some sleep." He kissed my forehead and left the room.


The next morning I woke up to someone barging into our room.


I groan and roll over. Its obviously Gemma. All of a sudden I get jolted out of bed, Gemma's grabbing at my feet pulling me out of bed.

"Gemmmma!!" I scream

Harry jumped out of bed and tackled Gemma to the ground. All I hear is laughing and I get up pulling Harry off of Gemma. Siblings... I shook my head and laughed.

"You win Gemma, Ill get ready now"

I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I got dressed into leggings and a tank top with black ankle boots. I had my hair out and with a braid around my head.

 Gemma and I went to nearly every fashion store in the mall.

 We were In our last store, Ice. It was my favourite.

"Katy you have to try this on!" She handed it to me and dragged me to the change rooms. I put it on and I actually really liked it. A short purple dress that hugged to my body showing off my curves.  Katy bought it for me and walked out. We were holding like 10 bags each. Full of clothes and shoes.

We walked to the car and it was getting late. As we were putting all our bags in, I saw a dark figure watching us. I started to get scared so I hurried us up into that.

"Are you okay Katy?" She said worriedly

"Do you see that guy in the corner over there, watching us?" I faced him. She looked and put the ignition on.

My phone vibrated.

By Unknown number

Hello again, sorry to hear about your slut of a mother. Im guessing you can see me watching you. Come to me now, or ill blow up the car with you and your friend inside. Your choice.


I looked up and faced Gemma. A tear rolled down my face.

"Katy your scaring me. What's wrong?" She faced me and was watching me carefully.

"The guy watching us is my father. He wants me to go to him now or he'll blow us both up in the car now" I started to cry and I could tell Gemma was scared.

"No, your not going Katy. He'll hurt you." She took hold of my hand.

"I have too or we both die. He's serious." I pulled my hand away and texted him back.

To Unknown number

Ok, ill come.

from Katy.

I got out of the car and walked towards him. I could hear Gemma call me name and telling me to turn around and come back. But I ignored her. When I stopped and faced back she was speeding away. Obviously to go tell Harry.

As I got closer o my father he stepped out of the shadows. His face and hands had blood smeared onto them.

"Hello Katy" He smiled

"What do you want?" I snapped

 He slapped me hard. I put my hand on my left cheek and felt the burning sensation.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that. You are mine."

"I'll never be yours" I spat

He grabbed me and dragged me to his car. Pushing me into the back seat he tied my hands and legs together. I was squirming and screaming. But everyone seemed to just keep walking past the car.

"Get off!" I screamed. he then put tape across me mouth. I was stuck, no way could I escape.


It felt like we were driving forever. When we finally stopped he faced me. He put his thumb on my face and wiped away my tears. He kissed my neck and I tried to pull away. But his grip on me only got tighter and it hurt. He pulled away and he smiled.

"Welcome home Katy".  

 I looked outside and saw an old barn and a house with a white porch. It was beautiful. How could a horrible person have a beautiful home.

I saw 3 men walk towards the car. I started to panic. They opened the door and lifted me, carrying me to the barn.

I was moaning and groaning as loud as possible. 'Harry! save me... Please?' I thought.


 Hello everyone :) What are you thinking so far? Enjoying it? Hope you are. Love Britt x

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