Moving around is hard. You start to feel lost. But this time its different. I met this curly haired boy that changed my life forever. When things start to go wrong new people enter and others leave, will he stick around? Will this curly haired boy save me? Or will he find me and take me.


11. Anne's House

Harry and I packed our bags and some food for the trip. Taking one last look of the bedroom that my mother once laid in we left. I helped put our stuff his Harry’s car which is a black Audi. The trip only took an hour and it was pretty fun, we both forgot about everything. Diamonds by Rihanna came on the radio and we both sang our hearts out and we did this for many others also.

Driving up his mums drive way, he turned off the engine. Getting out of the car we grabbed our bags and made our way to the front door. Anne opened the door and ran up to Harry giving him a big hug. She then turned to me and smiled. "Who is this Harry?" She smirked at Harry. "Oh mum this is my girlfriend Katy" he laughed. Anne gave me a huge smile and hugged me tightly. "Nice to meet you Katy" She let go of me. "Nice to meet you too." I gave her an anxious smile. We went inside and Gemma was sitting on the lounge watching TV.

"Hey Gemma" Harry said to Gemma walking past. "Harry!" Gemma leaped off the lounge and ran for Harry making him stumble backwards but returned the warm hug. Gemma looked at me and hugged me also.

"Im Gemma" She smiled

"Katy" I smiled at her.

Im not the greatest person around people that I haven't known yet. I suffer from anxiety and it's hard for me to be confident but im trying. I mean Harry's family is so nice and Gemma is so beautiful.

"Come on babe" Harry moved his head to the right indicating that he wants me to follow, I picked up my bags and followed. We entered his room and put our bags next to his bed. Its an average sized room, blue striped bed covers and white walls. He has The Rolling Stones posters above his drawers. He's cute.

Harry looked at me and shook his head. "Don't judge he laughed."

We sat down on his bed. "Its cute, your cute." He laughed.

"Thank you love, but your indescribable"

I blushed and hugged him.

"Why did you move out of home?" I thought loudly.

"I..I just wanted to be independent, I went through a phase where I didn't like to be told what to do."

"Oh" I breathed.

He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back and granting him access to go further. Our tongues searching each others mouths, he lifted me and placed me on his lap so then I was straddling him. He placed his hands on my ass and I laughed against his lips. He started kissing my jawline and down my neck teasing me.

"You're so beautiful" I just laughed. "Your so cheesy" I started kissing him again and he lifted me yet again and laid me down on the bed. He hovered me and continued kissing my neck then making his way to the tips of my breasts and down my tummy. It felt so good, I've never done anything like this before. He knows how to make myself feel good. Just as he was about remove my shirt slowly, Anne called out. "Harry, Katy dinner is ready!" Harry groaned and got up, helped me up also.

He fixed my shirt and we walked out hand in hand.

Dinner was great we all spoke about our lives and Harry and I told Anne and Gemma about we are here. We all got teary but Anne gave me a hug and said that she will take me in any day. She really is very lovely.

I helped them all clean up, it didn't take that long with all four of us. When we finished Harry and I went back to our room and watched Mean girls. It took a while to get him to agree with it but we arranged something and I think he liked that.

Tomorrow night will be interesting...

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