Harry Styles

Harry's back story!!!!

Blood Lust chapters premiere March 21st 2013


1. Harry's back story

Harry was just your typical 18 year old lady's man.
Until Louis came into his room ready to put an extreme ammount of trust in his best friend. Only for disaster to strike. He came across the scent of Harry's blood after Harry bit his own lip open.
Louis then fed on Harry after trying his best to restrain himself. He couldn't control himself until it was too late it was either turn Harry or let him die.
Of course Louis turned him.

Harry is now, frozen at 18. Forever. Never aging never growing. Never to have babies never to find a girl that would except him.
Alone. Besides his coven members... Zayn, Niall, Liam and the leader and his best friend Louis.

Their loves began. After Harry's short 2 years of being a vampire they've grown closer. The one question that remains is.... Is life worth living anymore?
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