Stole My Heart

Mandy Robinson has been taught that stealing is a way of life. Her entire family is a band of theives. They told her never to fall in love with something that you steal because it could be stolen again anytime. But maybe Mandy will find out that rules can be broken.


2. A Change In Plans

"Where are we?" Niall asks groggily as he wakes up from his nap.
"A friend's" she says more confidently, proud of herself for standing up to her father. She pulls up to a two story, suburbian home. "Come with me" she commands as she gets out of the car and walks up her best friend's, Kelsey, driveway.
Niall follows. As she opens the door, Kelsey bursts out of the front door screaming, "Mandy!!! Who is- is that- Niall Horan?"
"Um ya." Mandy says slowly, choosing her words carefully. "I need your help."

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