I'll Hold You

~Niam Horayne~


Niall Horan + Liam Payne = Niam Horayne :P

(I wanted to write this... Sorry to those who are not Niam Horayne lovers like me. No I do not believe they are gay, but I love them. And they are so sweet together. I get inspired by pictures... and yeah.. The cover like... inspired my writing... Yeah..)

PS: I don't exactly know how to discribe this... So... uhh... Just read it...


7. Louis Tomlinson and the Truth

Niall's POV~
 "Niall! I was so scared I'd lost ya!" Louis yells. I hug him best I can without it hurting. He smiles his usual smile. His eyes shimmering. Louis didn't like to
tell everyone, but he's gay too. We've never dated. I just don't feel that way for him. He said he liked Zayn anyway. He also said Liam was kinda cute. I laughed
when he said that. Not because I disagreed, it was the opposite actually. I didn't want him to know I like Liam.
 Liam. I love how sweet he is. He's sitting in the windowsill letting me and Lou talk. His gorgeous brown eyes staring off into the distance. His light
brunette hair straightened over his eyes. Straight, like him.
        After about two hours of talking to Louis, the sun started going down.
 "I gotta go Ni. See ya tomorrow around noon," Louis says. I smile as he hugs me.
 "Bye Lou," I say and he walks out the door, shutting it behind him. I turn to Liam. "What were you saying earlier?" I ask.
 "Niall. I'm gay," Liam says. The words ring in my ears. It's as if a dream has come true for me. My puppy is gay! I squeak with delight and he laughs.
 "Do you like anyone?" I ask. I beg he says me. I beg he walks over and kisses me. That my puppy love and I fall in love.
 "Yeah.... I-I-I... I like Louis," he says. My heart sinks. He doesn't like me. He doesn't feel the same.

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