I'll Hold You

~Niam Horayne~


Niall Horan + Liam Payne = Niam Horayne :P

(I wanted to write this... Sorry to those who are not Niam Horayne lovers like me. No I do not believe they are gay, but I love them. And they are so sweet together. I get inspired by pictures... and yeah.. The cover like... inspired my writing... Yeah..)

PS: I don't exactly know how to discribe this... So... uhh... Just read it...


14. I could Stay Here Forever

Liam's POV~
 I know he's asleep. I could lay here forever. With his head on my chest. My fingers running through his hair. He's so cuddly. He's like a little baby
penguin. I want to stay here forever.
 I think I should kiss him, but that would mess up so much. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with kissing his cheek or forehead. Or kissing him in
dreams. Or the kiss I gave him when he was sleeping yesterday.
 Niall, my sweet sweet Niall, hooked me up with someone I don't like, because he wanted me happy. But I'm not happy. I'll act like I am, but I'm not happy.
I should be with Niall. I look at his hand on my shoulder. The dark room makes it hard to see, but I can make out the figure of his hand. I kiss it. I heard him grunt.
I sigh. Niall I want you to know I love you, but you never will. I feel a tear roll down my cheek. I slowly fall asleep.
    *                                                *                                               *
 I awaken. Niall's still asleep. I run my fingers through his hair. Our breathing matches, which Niall does a lot. I like it. I hug him softly and kiss his head. I
want to kiss his lips, but they are so far from mine. Man, I wanna stay like this forever. Louis isn't coming for a while, and Niall's last day in the hospital is today.
He stays sleeping on my chest. I smile realizing just how great this is. My sweet Irish angel sleeping soundly. I play with Niall's hair till I fall asleep again.

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