I'll Hold You

~Niam Horayne~


Niall Horan + Liam Payne = Niam Horayne :P

(I wanted to write this... Sorry to those who are not Niam Horayne lovers like me. No I do not believe they are gay, but I love them. And they are so sweet together. I get inspired by pictures... and yeah.. The cover like... inspired my writing... Yeah..)

PS: I don't exactly know how to discribe this... So... uhh... Just read it...


10. Hot Tears

Liam's POV~
 "I didn't want this! I want Niall," I say to the mirror.
 I feel hot tears run down my face. I need to calm down. Louis probably doesn't even like me. Then I can wait a week our two, and Niall is mine. "Yeah,
cause that'll work!" I yell. The tears fall more now.
 I've ruined every chance with him with three words! I like Louis. The biggest lie I've ever told. I want Niall.
 I replay the incident in my mind over and over.
 "I like Louis"
 "I could set you guys up?"
 "Tomorrow. He's coming tomorrow. I'll ask him then,"
 Well tomorrow is now. And now is ruining Niall and me being together. I think about this for about five minutes. Then the tears become a river pouring
from my eyes. I've lost Niall.
 Liam, dry the tears and calm down.
 I wash my hands, and my face. Take a deep breath, and I'm ready to go back to the room.

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