I'll Hold You

~Niam Horayne~


Niall Horan + Liam Payne = Niam Horayne :P

(I wanted to write this... Sorry to those who are not Niam Horayne lovers like me. No I do not believe they are gay, but I love them. And they are so sweet together. I get inspired by pictures... and yeah.. The cover like... inspired my writing... Yeah..)

PS: I don't exactly know how to discribe this... So... uhh... Just read it...


4. Five more seconds

Liam's POV~
 Five more seconds and he would have know the truth. Five more seconds and he'd know I was gay. Five more seconds and he'd know I'm in love with him.
Why did she have to walk in then! I just needed five more seconds!
 That's right! I'm in love with Niall Horan! I'm in love with my Sugar Plum! I'm in love with the sweet, Irish boy that everyone else hates. I'm in love
with the boy with the gorgeous blue eyes, with the perfect blonde hair. I'm in love with Niall Horan.
 I lay on his hospital bed. I hope he's ok. I know they are about to give him some kind of surgery. I know he won't be back for at least two hours. I slept
horrible. A nap wont kill me.

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