I'll Hold You

~Niam Horayne~


Niall Horan + Liam Payne = Niam Horayne :P

(I wanted to write this... Sorry to those who are not Niam Horayne lovers like me. No I do not believe they are gay, but I love them. And they are so sweet together. I get inspired by pictures... and yeah.. The cover like... inspired my writing... Yeah..)

PS: I don't exactly know how to discribe this... So... uhh... Just read it...


6. After Surgery

Liam's POV~
 I was awakened to a nurse tapping my shoulder. "Hey Hun. You need to get up." She whispered. I hopped out of the bed and helped her put Niall into it.
  "Liam right?" She asked.
 "Yeah." I said confused. Niall must have told her my name.
 "I'm Mindy" she said extending her hand for me to shake it. "Are you Niall's only visitor?"
 "Louis might come tomorrow or tonight. Niall is ignored a lot at school because he's gay. Me and Louis are his only true friends. His dad left him, and his

mom ignores him. He has a rough life."
 "Well he'll be fine in a couple days. He'll leave by Saturday at the latest." She said smiling and walked out the door.
 I looked at my beautiful Irish angel. I come close to the bed and kiss his hand. He makes no reaction. He is sound asleep. He's oblivious to the world around

 "Niall. I'm gay." I say. No reaction. I was right.
 "I like you Niall. In fact I love you." I say. He just laid there. It honestly hurt. He didn't have a clue. And it'll take so much courage to actually tell him.
 I lean forward and rub his forehead. I kiss his nose. He is so cute. I couldn't stand it anymore. I kissed his lips. They were chapped and dry, and he didn't

kiss back. He didn't wake up. But the kiss was still wonderful because it was with Niall.
 I was about to kiss him again when Louis walked in. Well there goes me telling Niall when he woke up.
 "Payne?" he says.
 "Sup Tomlinson." I say awkwardly.
 "Niall ok?" he asks.
 "We'll find out when he wakes up I guess." I say.
 About twenty minutes of silence later Niall grunts. Then he slowly sits up.

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