Shining Gold!

Hi,My name is Ally I am a 16 year-old gymnast. I train in California at Shooting Stars gymnastics. National qualifying rounds are 3 week away and i HAVE to make the team. Remember this is fiction I am so sorry if there is a Shooting Stars gym in California i really don't know if there is so I am so sorry.


1. Training (beam)

I walk into the gym at 5 a.m. Too early for some people but not me. I walk to our benches and pull off my sweatshirt,sweatpants,and shoes. I through my hair into a quick braid bun and head over to the floor to start streching. I finish my coach calls me over to beam. ''Good morning Ally'' ''morning'' i mumble.''I want to go through all of your routines so that you know what to ocus on in the next few weeks,lets start with beam.'' I don't reply I mount and do a back walkover to standing position. I go through some dance elements a full spin. Then I go into my backhandspring triple layout. Then i go into my leap series then a double backhandspring and backlayout. Then i do my standing back twist. I go into my jump seires another full spin kicks to the end of the beam. Then do two backhandsprings into a full twisting dismount I stick the landing and walk over to my coach. "Great job'' he says. "thanks" I say.


I hope everyone like this. If you have any ideas or improvments please help I am not a gymnast. Gymnastics is just one of my hobbies so any tips or ideas are GREATLY appreciated. THANK YOU! :)

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