I Didn't Except This

When Ashley Gojmerac, a sweet 19 year old girl has a job to babysit Lou Teasdale's sweet baby daughter Lux, she didn't expect it going from baby sitting to a maid on tour for the worlds most famous British/Irish boy band. Sassy ness overloads, tears drop, promises break and after all that she thought 'I didn't expect this'.


1. Wake up calls and mornings

My eyes blinked open as soon as I heard my iPhone ring. I groggily drag my hands to my nightstand and picked up my phone. "Hello" I spoke in my awkward, unusual, deep morning voice. "umm hey! Sorry to wake you up, but can you please come and take care off Lux? Simon needs me and you know that I DO NOT trust day cares" "yeah Lou. Don't worry! I'll be there in like 20 minutes, ok?" I answered. "that's perfect! Ok then thank you. Bye!" Lou exclaimed over the phone. "ok bye!" I ended the call while getting out of bed, quickly regretting it, feeling a cold breeze hit me from my open window. I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower. After, I went over to my closet and chose a pair of  purple skinny jeans, a white t-shirt that had 'Hell no' written on it in black, and a purple vest over my t-shirt. I brushed my natural curly brown hair and left it down. I wore a pair of white nerd glasses that made my green eyes 
Pop. I then grabbed my wallet and my phone and stuffed them into my back pocket before I was sprinting downstairs to the kitchen.  I cooked some pancakes mastering my flipping move. While I was eating my pancakes, I scrolled through my twitter.  I was welcomed with an extra 51 followers added on to my 262 followers which makes it come to a total of 313. It's not a lot compared to celebrities, but it kind of is for me. Actually I think the reason why I have a lot is because I babysit Lou Teasdale's 2 year old baby daughter, Lux. I mean I guess Lou is a bit famous. She does work with celebrities, well she's actually a makeup artist for celebrities but mostly for a British/Irish boy band. I finally finished my 5 delicious pancakes happily. Yeah yeah call me fat but I love food. I wore my white converse and went out to be seated in my red BMW convertible. I turned on the radio and headed on my way to Lou's house.
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