Is this really happening???

Elisabeth is a 19 year old. She has a very rough life. Her mom is having an affair with some random guy but her dad knows. Her dad doesn't want to ruin the family. What is going to happen when she meets the man of her dreams


1. Introduction

Elisabeth P.O.V

Hi my name is Pamela  i'm 19 years old and i have kind of a messed up life.  My mom is having an affair with some random guy. My dad knows about it but isn't doing anything. My dad is always working. My mom is a stay at home mom. I never see my dad. when i'm not at school my mom abuses me. I wouldn't consider my self popular neither a loser. The only thing that makes me escape life is music. My favorite band is One Direction. I <3 them. If i would pick a fav it would be harry. He is so hot but all of them are sexy ;). 

MY LIFE CHANGE RIGHT AFTER I MET 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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