Is this really happening???

Elisabeth is a 19 year old. She has a very rough life. Her mom is having an affair with some random guy but her dad knows. Her dad doesn't want to ruin the family. What is going to happen when she meets the man of her dreams


3. chapter 3

Michelle (Pamela's step-mom) P.O.V

When that slut gets home she is going to get it. i will beat the shit out of here even if Jordan(Pamela's Dad) is standing right in front of me. No one calls be a bitch and slaps me and gets away with it. I was sad she wasn't home because Jordan was to sad to do anything. That is one of the only reason why i married that ugly fool. For his money and you know the other reason. So i need this little slut to come back.


Pamela's P.O.V

Shit its 10 o'clock i cant go back home. If i go home i know I will be dead. I don't want to go back. if i do i will be stuck in a hell hole with that bitch. i guess i wont go back. i was terrified. i started to cry my eyes out. It was pitch black. I couldn't believe i was homeless. That made me cry even more. I got my phone and used it as a flashlight. I looked at my surroundings and found a bench. i was tired so i walked to the bench and fell a sleep. When i woke up i was in a random room. i was terrified. Was i kidnapped. Do i know who these people are? Where the fuck am i? i asked these question to myself but i didn't know any of the answers. "hello?? is anyone there?" i said. I heard a familiar voice. "don't worry love you are okay with me" i could believe who it was. It was..... 

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