Is this really happening???

Elisabeth is a 19 year old. She has a very rough life. Her mom is having an affair with some random guy but her dad knows. Her dad doesn't want to ruin the family. What is going to happen when she meets the man of her dreams


2. chapter 2

Pamela P.O.V

one day i came home from school and the first thing i saw was my mom sitting in a chair with a belt in her hand.  "Your room is a mess," she said, "your suppose to have it clean at all times" she said that while hitting me. There was only my two pillows no the floor because she was rushing me to get ready in the  morning.  i wish my dad can see how evil she was. She wasn't even my real mother. Mom dies when i was 7. i wasn't even thinking. I grabbed the belt and said " stop hitting me you fuckin bitch."  Oh fuck what did i just said.

"What did you say to me you little slut" she screamed at me.

I was furious i said " you heard me BITCH." she smacked me across the face. Right when she did that i got a reaction that i had to smack her back so when i did my dad walked in right when my hand was on her face. 

"what the fuck are you doing Elisabeth. Why would you harm her mom. What did she do to you?" My dad yelled with his voice full of anger. i got so pissed so i ran out the door. I ran and ran until i lost my breath. I got out my phone and head phones to get my mind off of things. Before i even noticed i was at a park i would go when i was younger with my mom

---------Authors Note------

I'm sorry that this isn't really good but this is my first Movella so i am just hang of it. if anyone has any ideas that i can put in the story please comment and tell your friends if you like it. If i get 10 Fav i will think about making a sequel if this comes out good. I will try to update every night I promise. So comment if you like it-


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