left alone but not forgotten

amanda mcnell is just an average teen girl but with no friends, she has to deal with being called names and being pushed around, "like a bug" people always say. she may not be into all that teen drama about one direction or big cebertys like that but she is just human.with being abused and harrased at home she feels that she has no reson to live anymore so she decides to do bad things to herself, but what she doesn't realize is that someone very popular and very wealthy out there is looking for true love and stumbles upon amanda and creates their love story.<3


15. taylor.....

harry's P.O.V

me and amanda were sleeping when i get i text from taylor at 12:00 p.m. oh god what does she want? it says "hey baby we need to talk meet me in my hotel room;-)". okay? without waking amanda i slowy and quietly climb out of bed and get dressed it takes about five minutes to get to her hotel so i decide to walk when i see niall still awake in the kitchen and eating (what a surprise) he sees me and asks "where are you going this late at night?" "taylor just texted me and said we needed to talk and to meet her at her hotel room " "mhmm something's not right?" "i'm fine i have amanda now you don't have to worry" "ok i trust you but don't do anything stupid alright?" "i promise i won't now go back to bed" "alright see you tommoworo haz" and i left our house as soon as i get there i ask the desk person where taylor is, room 67 top level so i hop into the elevator and find her room i knock and she answers "oh hi harry" and she pulls me in and locks the door behind her "so what did you want to talk to me about?" "oh right i'll tell you when we get there" "get where taylor?" "you'll see" she takes my hand and starts running down the hall to the elevator and out to her car she drives us to a club ohno she wants me to get drunk this will not end well we get in and grab  9 or 10 shots i. am. drunk crap me and her are really close i can feel her breath on my neck as she starts kissing it all the way up to my face and my lips i am still completly drunk im not thinkijng straight and the next thing i knew was me and taylor were making love. SHIT.


amanda's P.O.V

i woke up this morning thinking harry was still there but he wasin't he's probably eating or something i go downstairs to see the whole gang is there exept for harry where's harry? i ask then nisll says "oh i thought he came back? he said taylor texted him last night and she wanted to talk to him and i geuss she got him drunk as usual he's probably in a hotel or something? try calling him?" "ok" i walked out of the room and tryed calling him it's ringing then a gril's voice answers and my heart breaks "hello " the voice says "yes uhm hi who is this?" "oh this is taylor swift and who is this? " "uhm this is amanda can you tell harry that i called and that he is a bastard and i never want to talk to him again?" "uhm ok?" "thanks" and i hung up it felt like my heart just stopped i was crying so hard i ran down the hall way to my room, locked the door and just laid down on the bed and bawled my eyes out when i heard a knowck at the door it was jenni and liam i let them in and they asked what was wrong "well harry defenitly found a hotel room to stay in  and it was taylor's" jenni gasped and they both just hugged me tight "and see amanda this is what i mean by i wan t to protect you' liam said " it's just i'm so upset and i need time to think "well we'll just leave you to think alright just relax for a bit and i'll come wake u up later" jenni said "thanks you guys your the best" and they left the room so i decided to take a nap for a little while.

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