left alone but not forgotten

amanda mcnell is just an average teen girl but with no friends, she has to deal with being called names and being pushed around, "like a bug" people always say. she may not be into all that teen drama about one direction or big cebertys like that but she is just human.with being abused and harrased at home she feels that she has no reson to live anymore so she decides to do bad things to herself, but what she doesn't realize is that someone very popular and very wealthy out there is looking for true love and stumbles upon amanda and creates their love story.<3



anna's P.O.V

right before we fell asleep i tried taking off my necklace that my brother bought me before he died and then i realized that it wasin't around my neck and that i left it back at the house OH CRAP!!!!! i yelled and everyone else jumped up "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR WE WERE TRYING TO SLEEP ANNA!!!"  lauren yelled back at me she loved her sleep "I LEFT MY NECKLACE ABACK AT THE HOUSE I NEED TO GO BACK FOR IT MY BROTHER GAVE IT TO MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" they all nodded and said theyd come with me for backup and they had a plan for them. we were all in the car and i could tell they were all nervous once we got there we got out of the car the lights were on. we walked in because they never locked their doors and they were all asleep on the coches  watching the notebook i quickly ran to the room and got my necklace and when i walked back intom the living room all the girls were writing on their boyfriends face i decided to join and drew all over harry's face we took pictuere s and posted them on to facebookwith the caption:and this ladies and gentlemen is the punishment for cheating...... on the way back we laughed so much because in the mornig they would realize what happend



hey sorry for the like really short chapter guys i don't know what else to write LOL


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