left alone but not forgotten

amanda mcnell is just an average teen girl but with no friends, she has to deal with being called names and being pushed around, "like a bug" people always say. she may not be into all that teen drama about one direction or big cebertys like that but she is just human.with being abused and harrased at home she feels that she has no reson to live anymore so she decides to do bad things to herself, but what she doesn't realize is that someone very popular and very wealthy out there is looking for true love and stumbles upon amanda and creates their love story.<3


31. L.O.V.E

anna's P.O.V

we were sitting in the airport crying when we heard something behind us.... OH MY GOD IT WAS THE BOYS! how did they find us? why were they here? i had a million questions but all that came out was sobbs "anna ..." harry said i could tell he was crying ALOT "harry..." i said it was quiet until the boys couldin't help it anymore and just went up to thier ex-girlfriends and hugged them "what are you doing here harry" i asked "i couldin't let you go i love too much to live without you" he said and we just hugged "now will you come home with us?" he asked"im sorry harry i can't handle this anymore this is the 2nd time this has happend i can't risk it anymore" i told him "just give me one day to change your mind and if it doesin't change then you can go to paris and i will stay out of your life forever" he said "okay but were not dating until i decide" i said he nodded we hugged once more and then we all stated walking out of the airport in silence. once we were home me, hailie and lauren unpacked while perrie and eleanor went to say bye to the boys. it was so silent it felt like no one was home so me and the girls decided to go into the kitchen only liam,niall and zayn were home. "where's the other two?" i asked them "they went out for a about they'll be back soon" niall said . "hey girls harry just texted me and wante dto know if you wanted to come to a party with us tonight?" zayn said "uhmmm sure i geuss " hailie said and we leftt the kitchen. since the boys were out me and the girls decided to go to the mall and get a dress for tonight ( we are such girls) A COUPLE HOURS LATER ....  me and the girls were back by 7 so were louis and harry and zayn said by 8 we had to go so wee decided to get ready to go now i went to take a shower and when i got out i blow dried my hair and straightned it i love my hair. i put on my dress it was a short tight dress and it had sparkles with long sleeves i went back to the bathroom to put some makeup on eyeliner,mascara and glitter eyeshadow and for shoes i wore my grey pumps and i was ready to go i walked downstairs to see that everyone was waiting for me holy crap it was already 8 .the girls looked so pretty lauren was wearing her dress that she bought a turquiose flowy short dress with sparkles on the top and purple heels with some makeup and her hair curled. hailie was wearing her leopard print tight dress that kind of looked like mine with black heels and some makeup with her hair straightned. once we were on our way there you could hear the super loud music from 5 blocks away. we parked on the street because theer was absolutly no where to park. once we were inside the smell of cigarettes and alcahol filled the air. oh no not one of these partys. i lost everone already well i saw lauren singing and dancing with some guy and niall gave them dirty looks. liam was all alone.  just then i saw a boy with his back turned to me. from the bakc he looked exactly like harry i was about to go up to him but then i saw he was kissing some girl. oh god not again harry. i sighed with tears coming out of my eyes just then someone tapped my shoulder. it was harry! he looked at me confused when he saw me crying "oh my god harry  i thought that was you" i said pointing to the guy he laughed "hey come with me for a minute.." he said while taking my hand and pulling me o what seems to be a backyard he took me under a tree and we sat down. "listen anna i don't think we should be date anymore...." he said i can't belive he just siad all i did was get up and try to walk away but he pulled me back........he turned me around and got on one knee......................"anna mcnell  i love you with all my heart and i never want to be away from you" he said "i dont think we should date anymore because i think we should just be together forever"..........................................so i have one simple question for you" ...............................he pulled out a HUGE  diamond ring and held it in front of me .............................will you marry me?

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