left alone but not forgotten

amanda mcnell is just an average teen girl but with no friends, she has to deal with being called names and being pushed around, "like a bug" people always say. she may not be into all that teen drama about one direction or big cebertys like that but she is just human.with being abused and harrased at home she feels that she has no reson to live anymore so she decides to do bad things to herself, but what she doesn't realize is that someone very popular and very wealthy out there is looking for true love and stumbles upon amanda and creates their love story.<3


21. like usual

amanda's P.O.V

i woke up around noon with my head pounding everynoise made me throw up i look over and harry isin't there i'm too hungover to even get up though so i stay in bed then i remeber that jenni left this morning i'll text her later just then harry comes in "morning beautiful i have something for you" he handed me a pill and some water "it will get rid of the felling of throwing up" he said i took it and in a matter of minutes the pain and nausea were gone so i got up and looked in the mirror shit i forgot to take my makeup off it was all over my face i looked horrible. "ugh i look horrible " i said "i think you still look sexy " harry said "oh you" i said back to him i wash all the makeup off and get my things so we can go back home we were down in the lobby returning the key when we saw taylor sitting at one of the tables eating breakfast she looked at us and started walking towards us, so we just ran out of the hotel sprinting all the way home. we finally got back exhausted from running and we just plopped down on the couch "i just wanna go to sleep forever" i said "but why? i would never be able to see your smile or the way you laugh at my cheesy jokes again?" he said "awhh harry i love youi would never leave you your so sweet" i said we were just about to kiss when niall interrupted us "hey guys did you talk to jenni yet she seemed pretty upset when she said goodbye to me any idea why?" nial said "well actually niall she kind of had a huge crush on you but when she heard your taking lauren out she was so upset but she's happy now with toby ,that jerk" i said "awww shit i'm such an ass, why is he a jerk though?" he said "well here's the story" i said "it was about a year ago jenni had thought she had found the perfect guy for her he was sweet and cute and smart they were dating for a really long time until jenni had caught him hooking up with some italian girl in her flat so she dumped and she has never talked to him since 2 days ago i geuss he fixed what was wrong and changed, i mean i don't belive it but i want jenni to be happy she has been so stressted lately iwant to make it up to her" he had a disapointed look on his face "okay i understand" he said i looked beside me and harry was asleep poor baby "so where's lauren?" i asked niall "oh she's upstairs puking her brains out i couldin't handle it so i came down here" he said "awh" i said i grabbed one of those pills harry gave me and some water and brought them upstairs to lauren i knocked on the door and i heard her yell "IT'S OPEN!" so i walked in and gave her the stuff and made her take a nap. i left the room to go and check on hailie she was sound asleep in liams arms in his room awh how cute i let them be and i went and tooka nap.


harrys P.O.V

i woke up this morning at like 11:30 so i decided to go take the non-hangover pill and grab one for amanda when she wakes up too i went down stairs to the kitchen and i saw taylor there it seemed like she was waiting for me "so if it isin't hary styles from one direction" she said "it is harry styles from one direction" i said she didn' look amused "so is that your neew girlfriend i've heard about? are you going to break her heart too like you did to me?" "taylor you don't know what your talking about i broke your heart cause you were a bitch to me and everyone else and it's different with amanda i love her so just don't talk to me anymore" i said and walked back up to my room to find amanda just waking up looking like she was goung to throw up so i give her the pill fast and we continue on with our day like usual.

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