left alone but not forgotten

amanda mcnell is just an average teen girl but with no friends, she has to deal with being called names and being pushed around, "like a bug" people always say. she may not be into all that teen drama about one direction or big cebertys like that but she is just human.with being abused and harrased at home she feels that she has no reson to live anymore so she decides to do bad things to herself, but what she doesn't realize is that someone very popular and very wealthy out there is looking for true love and stumbles upon amanda and creates their love story.<3


22. chapter 22

niall's P.O.V

tonight is the night i will take lauren out but i'm worried that something will go wrong, but i have to stay positive i love her and she loves me i better get ready it's already 4:30 and our reservation is at 5 i'll throw on a suit and some cologne and put my hair in a quiff. i walked down the hall and i saw lauren on the way she looked so beautiful she had a short tight red dress and heels and her hair was curled and all thet came out of my mouth was "WOW" "aw niall thanks" she said back we decided to once we were there we sat down at our v.i.p table in the back away from everyone we were ordering when i popped the quetion "so lauren will you be my girlfriend?" "yes niall horan i will be your girlfriend" and we hugged and kissed when we finished eating we dcided to go to the park near our house it was so beautiful during a sunset it's where all the romantic couples go. we were in the car on the ighway when i leaned in the kiss lauren and then blackout. i opened my eyes to see that we were in a car accident lauren had a big metal pole going through her chest all i had were a few cuts but my leg was stuck under the wheel there was a big truck on it's side outside of the car then blackout again.



i was sitting on the couch with harry when i just remembered that today was a special day i immidiatly started crying and ran up to our room he was running after me. once we were in the room harry locked the door behind him and asked "what's wrong amanda?" "don't call me amanda that's not my real name" i said to him "WHAT!!??" HE YELLED "i need to tell you the story" i tell him "when i was about 13 i was raped by a man who kept me with him for anout a year until he got arrested i was so embarrased i changed my name and the way i looked and moved to a different country i'm so ashamed" i told him "well what's your real name?" he asked "my real name is anna thompson" "that's a beautiful name why would you ever change it?" he said " oh harry you always know what to say" i said and kissed him when suddenly we get a call from louis "hey lou what's up?" harry said "GET THE BOYS YOU ALL HAVE TO COME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!!!!!" louis was yelling "WHAT HAPPEND??!?1?1??" harry yelled back "NIALL AND LAUREN WERE IN A HUGE CAR ACCIDENT GET GET THE BOYS AND GET OVER HERE NOW!!!!" louis yelled again he hung up and we rounded the rest of the boys to go to the hospital.

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