Am I in love?

He walked in. His extremely dark brown hair perfectly done and his brown eyes glistening in the light. Who was he? I looked at Sasha and Charley, my best friends (Charley is a girl) He had plump lips and gorgeous dark skin. Whereas I ,on the other hand, have slightly tanned skin, light blond hair and green and blue eyes. I am not skinny as such. I am picked on. Charley and Sasha are astonishing with looks, though. They're twins. But Charley has lighter hair and eyes. They both have brown hair and dark blue eyes. They are slim, have perfectly tanned skin and a lot of money. Their parents are bankers. I am an only child. Sasha and Charley have a younger brother, Max. One final thing: I am Ashley Camp, this is my teenage story.


1. I know you, but I just don't


Just a normal day at my boring school, I guess. Someone new joined, a boy. I bet your all thinking 'Omg! That's just, like, boring. i'm going!' or something like that. But i recognize him, I think. From year 6, we became really close, like best friends, but we left for different secondary schools. Now, I go to Kingwood High School. Finally! The bell rang for lunch. With that, i ran to arithmetic to wait for Charley and Sasha, my biological sisters. I'm their sister from another mister ;) "There's this new guy, okay." i shouted in a whisper, if that makes sense. "Ash, I know you're on a hunt for a guy but seriously?" HaHa -_-! We sat at the dinner table and started eating our meals that Cole (our best guy friend) had brought over for us. He started beckoning to the new boy to sit with us. "Oh, bite me." I whispered. I felt a pain in my arm, like a pinch and looked up to see Sasha biting me "Sasha!! I meant it metaphorically." I said, rubbing my arm "There's no difference!" She laughed through tears of laughter. I clipped her gently round the head. Cole was giving us a death stare, probably 'cos he wanted to make a good impression. Next to him, he was there. Straight across from me. Why wouldn't he look at me?

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