When the world are brainwashed into voting for presidents they dislike, will this end the civilisation of humanity?


1. The Earphones

The trouble with the invention of the television and radio, is that the more people watch and listen, they are picking up subliminal messages. They then involve these messages in daily life. That's just the start. They've been made too smart, if you wish for me to call it that. Fine, the inventors have made their technology too mentally challenging for us humans. If it's too challenging for humans... What am I? I'm glad you asked. I don't have a television, nor radio. Am I mad? No, I just do not see the need to give up your life reality TV shows and adverts. Adverts! They are the culprit. How did I not see this? Yes, it's all so clear now!

You don't understand? Well, let me explain, its started with an advert.

The parents plodded to the sofa, 8:56 on a Thursday morning. Snatching the remote on their kids who were eager to watch their programmes (which coincidentaly had no adverts). Their bums were searching for that indent in the sofa, where they had previously sat. Their chubby index fingers, pushed the buttons where the numbers had worn away.

"Oh shit. We missed it!" complained the mother.

"Watch the language Anne!" said the father, depressingly. "There's children about!"

"Shut up you idiot, you get away with it!" 

Their faces melted, as the television beamed incandescently.  Their watery, tired eyes, glazed over. Arms folded, slouched down the couch.

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