You Can't Love A Broken Girl

"You can't love a Broken Girl Peyton, you just can't" The tears came streaming down my face as i ran away from the only boy i have ever loved.


2. Two


*Scarlet's P.O.V.*   Most of the day went by like every other day. First two periods with Jas and then third with Blaze and Ray. Fourth was art with Blaze, his friends and Jas. The teacher had left the room to get some more supplies. I was sat in the back of the class next to Jas, working on my sketch. Well that was until Ray come over and decided i needed a slap across the face. "Your such a ugly bitch Scarlet, your parents must have dropped you as a baby." He said while slapping me once more.  I could see Blaze laughing. Well that one hurt.  Ray picked up my sketch and ripped it up. It was  the one of my Mom and Dad. I could feel the tears threatening to spill out. I got out of my seat, grabbed my bag and ran out of the class room. I ran straight past my art teacher, tears falling freely down my face. I went to the one place i could be by myself, the place no one but me and Jas knew about. The dance studio in the basement of the school. I quickly changed into my dance clothes. You see Dancing or Singing were the only ways to calm me down. I was dancing to Justin Bieber's As Long As You Love Me when i heard the door open. It was Jas. I walked over to the Ipod dock and paused the music. "Hey Girl" She shouted across the room. "Hey Jas" i replied, just above a whisper. "Ray got 2 days detention for what he did" She said, like i was really interested. "Oh that's good then" I fake smiled back. "Now girl, don't you be going all Fake ass on me" She said with a smirk on her face. I couldn't help but crack a small, real smile. "Okay, okay. We going to dance?" "Hell to the no, it's dinner time baby cakes, i need me my meal." I just laughed at her, grabbed my sports bag and followed her to the cafeteria. I walked into the Cafeteria, grabbed an apple and a bottle of water and sat down and mine and Jas' usual table. I was drinking my water when a hand slammed down on the table. I looked up to meet the eyes of a very angry looking Blaze and Ray at the side of him. "Your going to get what's coming to you Scarlet, you shouldn't have told the teacher what i done" Ray said. If looks could kill, i would be dead right now. "I - i never told anyone" I stuttered. Blaze looked at me with such cold eyes. "Don't lie Scarlet"  Just as i was about to speak Jas turned up. "Actually it was me that told Creedy what you did Ray" i heard Jas say. "And why would you do that Jas?" Blaze asked I looked up to see Jas smirking. Oh this isn't going to end well. "Because Blaze he's such an asshole, who needs to learn he can't go around hitting girls. Did you know the picture he ripped up was of your Parents? Do you know how hurt your sister is?" Blaze looked at me but i wouldn't let him see the tears that were forming in my eyes so i looked down.
I wouldn't let him know how hurt i really was.
"Well the fat bitch looks fine to me" Blaze replied. "Scarlet" I looked up to see Harry "Yeah" I asked so low i didn't think anyone heard me. "Why don't you do us all a favour and go and kill yourself" I just nooded as i slowley stood up and walked away from them all. Maybe thats what i will do. It will be less pain than having my own brother, my own twin beating me everyday.
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