You Can't Love A Broken Girl

"You can't love a Broken Girl Peyton, you just can't" The tears came streaming down my face as i ran away from the only boy i have ever loved.


3. Three

" Scarlet's  P.O.V* I was sat on my bed,beats on and music blasting in my ears. My door flew open and Blaze walked in. I paused my music and took my beats off. "What do you want Blaze?" I asked while getting up from my bed. Blaze walking closer to me. I took a step back. I can't believe i am scared of my own twin. "Demi wants you" "Okay, i will be down in a minute"  Blaze walked out of my but not before telling me to Stay away from him and his friends. I walked down the stairs to find Aunt Demi in the living room with another women and a boy about my age. He was cute. I walked over to the couch where they were both sat. I sat down in my usual seat. The big chair next to the couch Demi was sat on. "You wanted to see me Aunt Demi" I smiled while getting comfy in my seat. "I just wanted you to meet our new neighbours Scar this is Tammy Sanders and her son Peyton. Tammy this is my neice Scarlet." "It's nice to meet you Mrs Sanders  and Peyton" I smiled. "It's nice to meet you too dear. Well we better get going Demi, it was nice meeting you Scarlet sweetie. Bye"  "Bye Mrs Sanders, bye Peyton". I got out of my seat and went to the kitchen, which was a bad idea. Blaze was in there with Ray and Harry. Great. "Oh look it's the school freak" Harry said while Blaze just laughed. "I thought Harry told you to do us all a favour and kill yourself" Ray said. I looked at Blaze as he just sat there and let them tell me to kill myself. Well thanks for that Blaze. I could feel the tears briming my eyes. Ready to fall. I ran out the back door. I ran into the woods that are behind Aunt Demi's. I was going to do it, i was going to do what my Brother and his friends want. I sat down on the edge of the cliff that sits at the very bottom of the woods. I lent forward. "I'm sorry Mom and Dad. I love you Blaze. I'm sorry" I whispered. Tears falling down my face. I lent forward, ready to fall but someone pulled my arm and  pulled me away. We landed on the grass. Them on top of me. I looked up to meet beautiful blue eyes.  It was the new neighbour Peyton. I stared at him "What are you doing here?"  i asked him still crying. "I heard what they said to you, you shouldn't listen to them" He answered me before standing up. He held his hand out for me to take.  I shook my head.  "No" "Oh come on Scarlet, i'm not gonna hurt you" I stared at his hand before slowly taking it as he helped me to my feet. "Come on let's go back to mine and you can tell me why they want you to kill yourself" I just nodded my head and started to walk back through the woods with the new neighbour.
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