You Can't Love A Broken Girl

"You can't love a Broken Girl Peyton, you just can't" The tears came streaming down my face as i ran away from the only boy i have ever loved.


6. Six

*Scarlet's P.O.V.*   It was the end of the day. I was stood at my locker with Jas. 
I don't know what i am going to do  tonight   Jas is going out of town, so i don't have anywhere to stay and i don't want to risk staying at home.
Blaze would kill me if he found me in the house when he is having a party.
"So what are you going to do" Jas asked while i closed my locker. "I don't know to be homest Jas. I don't want to risk going home". We started to walk towards the front doors when i heard someone shout on me. "Scar, Scar, wait" i turn around to find Peyton stood their. All his books in his hands. "Hey Peyton." I said while we started to walk. Peyton walking along side us. "So, i was wondering. What are you upto?" Peyton asked. "Nothing, i have to find somewhere to stay for tonight" I said. "Why?" Peyton asked while stopping walking. I was about to answer him when Jas did. "Blaze is having a party and he is kicking Scar out for the night" I heard her say.  I shamefully put my head down and started walking. I didn't want pity. "Scarlet, wait up" I turned around and saw Ray. "What do you want Ray?" I asked. He looked me up and down. I was starting to get uncomfortable. "You're such an ugly,little slut. You should die before someone has to kill you" he said then walked away. I looked at Jas and Peyton who were having a conversation. I quickly turned around before they could see the tears that started to build in my eyes. I walked away from them. Out the school doors and started to walk to the park. Tears silently rolling down my face. I heard someone walking behind me, so i broke out into a run. The person running after me. "Scarlet, wait. Stop." It was Peyton but i didn't listen to him. I continuted running. I didn't want him to see me like this. Not again. That didn't go as planned tho. Now he was stood in front of me. After watching all those YouNows and Peyton saying he did track. Never crossed my mind.  "I just want to be alone Peyton." i said not looking at him. He stepped forward and closer to me. He put his fingers under my chin and lifted my head so i was looking at him. He wiped my tears with his thumb. "They ain't worth these tears Scar. Come on your too beautiful to cry" He pulled me into a hug and just let me cry. "I just want it to stop. I want my brother back" I sobbed into his chest. "I know you do Scar, i know you do". Peyton soothed me. "Come on, you can stay at mine tonight". Peyton said while grabbing my hand and started walking. I felt a spark when he held my hand.  NO scarlet he is just a friend my head was screaming at me, but my heart was saying a different thing. "Are you sure?" I asked him as we walked. "Yes,we can work on our art project. Now come on" He stated.
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