You Can't Love A Broken Girl

"You can't love a Broken Girl Peyton, you just can't" The tears came streaming down my face as i ran away from the only boy i have ever loved.


7. Seven

*Scarlet's P.O.V.*     Peyton and i had been sat in his room working on our Art project for the past hour and a half.  Finally i had finished. Holding the piece of paper up, i showed it to Peyton. "So what do you think?" i asked. "Wow, Scar that is amazing" "Why thank you Mr Sanders" I said giggling. I set the paper on the ground next to me and looked at my phone. Jas had text me.   From:Jas You found anywhere to stay? Love you girly ♥   I quickly text her back.   To:Jas Yeah, i am staying with Peyton. We just done the Art project. Love You Too Jas ♥   "Texting Jas?" Peyton asked from the side of me. "Yeah, she's worrying as always" I said getting off the floor. I stood up and walked towards Peyton's window and just stared out of it. Just thinking about how nice it would be to have my brother back. The blaze that didn't hurt me. The Blaze that would protect me and not let anyone hurt me. That was the Blaze i missed. "What you thinking about?" I turned towards Peyton. "Just how much Blaze has changed and how much i miss the old him" I replied while walking over to the couch Peyton had in his room. Sitting down a sudden thought popped into my mind. It was Monday. That meant Peyton had to do YouNow for his fans. "Peyton, what time is it?" I asked.  Peyton looked at his watch and back at me. "It's twenty minutes to six. Why?"  "What about your YouNow for your fans?" I asked him. I seen him messing about with his phone and then my phone started to vibrate. "Sorted that" He said as i grabbed my phone from my pocket. Unlocking my phone i had a message from twitter.   @TheRealPsanders: No YouNow tonight guys. Doing Art project. Sorry. I love you all Opening my twitter app, i went on to Peyton's twitter and tweeted him. @ScarletMay21: @TheRealPsanders. You finished that. Do a YouNow Locking my phone i put it away.  "Liar" I said to Peyton. "What? What are you talking about Scar?" He asked a little confused. Giggling, i got off the couch and walked over to him. Unlocking my phone i showed him the tweet. "You have Twitter?" He asked a little shocked. "Yeap, and you Mr are doing a YouNow tonight" I said while putting my phone away. Peyton sighed but agreed.  ~ Peyton did an hour long YouNow like he usually did. I was sat on his couch just watching and reading all the tweets his fans were sending him.   I retweeted a few   @EmmaLou: Watching the amazing @TheRealPsanders on YouNow. Come and watch   @BeYourSelf21: @TheRealPsanders looks so handsome on YouNow. Come and watch   and then i tweeted him myself.
  @ScarletMay21: Enjoyed watching @TheRealPsanders YouNow. You did amazing as always Peyton I sat on the couch giggling.   "What you giggling at?" Peyton said as he sat next to me. "Just that i just tweeted you and you don't know which is my account" I said putting my phone away once again.  "Oh, i am going to find your account" Peyton said grabbing his phone from his desk. "Hey i'm a little tired is it okay if i sleep on the couch for a little while?" I asked Peyton. "Sure, i will be just downstairs if you need me" Peyton said walking to his bedroom door. "Peyton" I said, making him stop walking. "Yeah?" "Thank You" i said and laid down. "You're welcome Scar" 
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