You Can't Love A Broken Girl

"You can't love a Broken Girl Peyton, you just can't" The tears came streaming down my face as i ran away from the only boy i have ever loved.


1. One


*Scarlet's P.O.V.*
"Say Somethin',If you're feelin' the vibe,Say somethin',Baby don't b"... I slammed my hand down on my alarm. I slowly opened my eyes and checked the time. 6:30... Shit i need to get up and get dressed. I threw my cover off and chucked my legs over the side of the bed. I walked to my dresser and grabbed my blade from the top draw. I placed the thin piece of metal on my wrist and slowly slid it across. Making a small but deep cut on my wrist. This is what i do every morning. I slowly stood up, still feeling a little dizzy. Better get a quick shower. I grabbed my makeup and my clothes, i headed for the bathroom and got a quick shower. I climbed out of the showe, dried off and got dressed. I put my outfit on [polyvore], grabbed my makeup bag and covered the bruises i had from yesterday. Once i got done getting ready, i grabbed my wristbands and slid them on, covering my wrists. I grabbed my bag, phone and ipod and headed downstairs.
  When i got downstairs Blaze and his friends Ray,Harry and Derek were there.  I tried to walk past them but Ray stopped me. "Where you going you ugly bitch?" He asked "I'm going to the kitchen for a water" i whispered. I walked around him and got a bottle of water from the fridge. Just as i was walking out the door Blaze slammed the door shut and stood infront of it. "You better stay out of my way today" "I will don't worry Blaze" Harry decided he would join in the insults. "I can't believe you have to call that thing your sister" "I don't, she is no sister of mine, she's too ugly to be my sister" Blaze replied will punching me in the stomach. It killed but i wasn't going to cry in front of him and his friends. I wouldn't give him that satisfaction of seeing me cry.
Him and the boys left and headed to school just as Aunt Demi came down the stairs.
"Morning Sweetie" she said as she walked over to the coach.
"Morning Aunt Demi, long night at the hospital?" 
"As always sweetie, now you get yourself off to school before your late"
"Okay Aunt Dem, love you" I walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead and headed to school.
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