You Can't Love A Broken Girl

"You can't love a Broken Girl Peyton, you just can't" The tears came streaming down my face as i ran away from the only boy i have ever loved.


4. Four

*Scarlet's P.O.V.* It's been 3 days since my attempt at killing myslef and Peyton saved me. I stayed at Peyton's that night. He is so sweet. We talked and i told him everything. Today is Monday so we  have school. Peyton is really cool so he will probably fit in with everyone just fine.  Me? Well it will just be Me and  Jas as always. I got dressed into  [polyvore] and headed downstairs. I had just got to the kitchen when the door bell went. I put my phone on the counter. "I'll answer it" I shouted. I opened the door to see Jas stood there. "Hey Girlie, you ready for this?" She asked as she walked through the door. "I guess, let me just get my phone" I said as i closed the door and walked to the kitchen to grab my phone. We were half way down the street when i heard my name being called. I tured around to find Peyton running towards us. I smiled a little. "Who is the hottie" Jas asked while looking straight at Peyton. I just laughed at her reaction. "Hey Scar, mind if i walk with you two girls?" Peyton asked as he came to a stop infront of us. "Nope, it's fine. Might want to break away from us before we get to school tho" I replied as i started walking again. "Why?" Peyton asked while walking along side me and Jas. "Scar and I are kind of the people everyone stays away from" Jas answered. I thought i should introuduce them. So i stopped walking. "Peyton this is Jas" I said pointing to Jas. "And Jas this is Peyton. My new neighbour". "Nice to meet you Jas" Peyton said and shook Jas' hand.   ~
  It has been an awesome day so far. Peyton has all the same classes as me. Yay!!
It was Lunch time.
Me and Jas were sat at our usual table when Britt, the school Slut came over to us. "What are you doing with the new kid. He is too hot to be hanging out with you two losers". Britt said while slamming her hand on the table. I looked down at my dinner as if it was something interesting.  "Well the new kid doesn't like you picking on his friends. Leave them alone" I heard some say. I looked up to see Peyton sitting infront of me. I smiled a small smile. "Whatever" Britt said and started to walk away. She turned around. "Oh and Scarlet, Might want to cut back on the food. Your getting fat as well as ugly" She said and walked away. I started picking at my food and then just pushed it away from me. She's right. I'm fat and Ugly. "Why arn't you eating you food Scar?" I heard Peyton say. "Not hungary. I'm just going to go outside for a while. I need some air." I said as i got out of my seat seas fast as i could and walked out of the cafeteria. I just got through the doors when i bumpt into someone. "What the hell, watch were your going" It was Blaze. Shit. He turned around, seen it was me and slapped me across the face. "I'm s-sorry" I stuttered out and ran out the door, Tears falling down my face. I was what everyone said i was. A Freak... Fat... Ugly... Worthless... Unloved... suicidal  ... I was everything they said. The tears came down my face faster.   I felt someone sit down next to me. It was probably just Jas so i didn't even look up. "Hey Beautiful, don't cry, their not worth your tears". It was Peyton. Wait did he just call me Beautiful. He is the first boy apart from Blaze to tell me that i'm beautiful. That was the old Blaze tho. The Blaze i missed. "It's not them. I -I just miss my brother. My real brother, not that boy that's in there". I cried. Peyton pulled me into a hug and just let me cry. When i was finally all out of tears we headed back into the school. Everyone staring at me.   
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