You Can't Love A Broken Girl

"You can't love a Broken Girl Peyton, you just can't" The tears came streaming down my face as i ran away from the only boy i have ever loved.


5. Five

*Scarlet's P.O.V.*

  After me and Peyton walked back into the school. Everyone was staring. Talking about me. I could hear what everyone was saying about me. It hurt to know they thought of me that way.  I had never done anything to them. So why do they hate me? "Just ignore them." I turned around to face Peyton and gave him a small smile. "I will try" I replied before waving bye to Peyton and going over to my locker. I put my combination into the locker opened it and grabbed my art book. Suddenly the locker door slammed shut and i came face to face with Blaze. "W-what do-y-you want Blaze? I asked. I was seriously scared of my own brother. "Don't come home tonight. Demi and Martin are going out of town for a few days, so i am throwing a party." I just nodded my head and walked off to Art. We had a supply teacher, so we could do what we wanted to. I was sat at the back with Peyton and Jas. I was sketching when it was taken away from me. I looked up to see Peyton looking at my sketch. "This is really good Scar." He said while handing me my sketch back. I took it off him and put it back on the table finishing it. "Thanks". I gave him a smile and went back to finishing it.
When i was done. I had done this 
    It was near the end of class when the supply teacher decided to speak. "Mrs Creedy wants you all to start working on your project. For the project, you all have to draw your partner.  I  looked at Jas and smiled. She knew i loved to sketch people. "You will have assigned partners. So Jas and Blaze. Ray and Lisa." He kept going through everyones names until he stopped at mine. "Scarlet and Peyton." He said.  I looked towards Peyton and he was smiling at me. The bell rang and i was off to Music class with Jas and Peyton. I sat down at the front next to Peyton and Jas. We were doing research on our favourite artists. I was looking up Austin Mahone. He is one of my favourite artists. I felt someone staring over my shoulder. I looked up to see Peyton looking at my screen "So you like Austin Mahone?" He asked while sitting down on a chair right next to me. "Yeah, he's one of my favourites" I said while reading that Austin had just got signed. "You know, i know him. He is actually a really good friend of mine." Peyton said while taking the mouse off me. "Oh i know you are Mr Psanders" I said while smirking st him. "What how? " Peyton asked shocked. "I'm a big fan Peyton, have been since 2011" I said while getting up from the computer chair and walking over to Jas. I needed to ask her if i could stay at her house while Blaze has his party.
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