The mysterious island

A teenage boy and his dad are out fishing when they spot a whirlpool and get sucked in there they find a weird island. Will they survive...


3. Exploring

The next day they went to find a way out of the island but ran into a bird and remember the things that are small get big and the big things get small, running for there lives the bird disappeared then from out of nowhere the bird swooped down and picked them up with his razor sharp talons."we are certain to die now!"shouted Stan."no way we find a save place to drop down if not we are dead"! Said Shaun. In the distance they spotted a river which runs straight through the island."now" said Stan. As they swam to the river bank Shaun remembered a book he had read about a man who said he discovered a mysterious island then Shaun realised that they are on that exact island. This man had also built a Submarine located somewhere on the island. It can't be on the island so it has to be under it!
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