My Dearest Hatter

What happens when you lie? You might feel guity for a bit, but you get over it. But sometime it can an impact you can't imagine. One man lied and it Ruined Wonderland.


3. THREE, Rooms That Vanish

When Alice awoke she found herself on her sofa. She supposed she must have fallen asleep while reading. Yes, there was Haunted still open on the table in front of her. Her head felt awful as she sat up and straightened out her hair, she really needed to get an early night under her belt. Tonight, she promised herself. Alice sat there collecting her wits a while longer and then moved to the kitchen turning on the kettle to make herself a coffee, it wouldn't be as good as the coffee from Lilly's, but it would have to do- Lilly's, Alice hadn't been there in a while, why would she think of it now, that was where her and Sarah met up- Sarah, on thinking her name Alice felt a sense of urgency, but didn't have a clue why. Alice slumped against the side confused, as she put her hand in her pocket she felt something that shouldn't be there, she retracted her hand and opened it. A small piece of blue wrapping paper fell to the floor, why on earth was that in there? Alice hadn't wrapped a present in ages. She went back to her spot on the sofa and in an effort to clear her head she thought back to the previous days events, but there was nothing. She had stayed up all night reading The Lord Of The Rings, the end was a little fuzzy and from the moment she put the book back on the shelf she couldn't remember a thing. What was wrong with her?! Then Alice noticed something. A peculiarity. Her book shelves were arranged first by genre, then by her preference of the books standard, the best at the left and the worst at the right. But when she looked at the corner assigned to children's literature she saw that The Hungery Caterpillar was placed to the right of The Tail Of Emily Windsnap. Now the latter was a great book, but it had never exceeded The Hungry Caterpillar. Alice sat staring at the books and as she did her room began to fall away in parts. First the mirror in the corner fell and disappeared into smoke before hitting the floor, then the chair went in a puff, books started to fall off shelves and then the shelves themselves vanished. Whole rooms surrounding the main one were gone in minutes.

Alice, meanwhile, was transfixed so on The Hungry Caterpillar that she didn't notice the events unfolding in the flat around her until the book itself dissolved into the air. When Alice looked up at last she found herself in a cold stone room, no windows, no visible door and a small wooden stool on which she was sat. Panic filled her and the sprung up shouting for anyone who could hear her. She flew around the room trying to find something, anything, that would explain where she was and help her get out. But all she was met with was the cold surface of stone and the reverberations of her own voice off the walls. Eventually she slumped in the corner and let her tears break through the barricades of her eyes, running freely over her face. She was drained, she was scared and she was confused to the point of hysteria.

Slowly the day's events floated back into Alice's mind, the alarms set by Sarah, their meeting at Lilly's, the men sat in the corner, the twisted image of Sarah's body betraying her into sleep.

'I've been kidnapped. And Sarah must be somewhere near in a room like this. Oh God I hope Sarah's OK.' Thoughts like these filled Alice's head in seconds, but before they could develop into something more a voice spoke from nowhere.

“Detainee number 34, name Alice Liddle, age 23, home London, Earth. Starting dialogue at 12:27” as these words reached her Alice sat dumbfounded when the body of a man seemed to push it's way through the wall as if it were nothing more than smoke from a candle. The man that now stood in the room was short, balding with a round face that held some qualities of a chipmunk. He observed Alice for a second, measuring up how she might react, Alice still sat their quietly in shock. “You are in Wonderland. This room is cell number 43 in The Hearts Building for troubled Citizens”

“Wonderland. WONDERLAND! Like from Alice in Wonderland” when Alice said this The Man seemed to erupt into anger. He stood over Alice, his face a shocking shade of red and his vicious eyes narrowed in rage, it was as if he had changed into an entirely different person.

“NO! NO NOTHING LIKE ALICE IN WONDERLAND! AND IF I WERE YOU I WOULDN'T MENTION THAT BLASPHAMUS BOOK AGAIN” Alice coward back into the corner terrified. The man took a deep breath, moved over to the overturned stool and sat on it. “Sorry, I understand people from your world don't know...everything.”

Her world. Great, not only had Alice been kidnapped, she had been kidnapped by crazy people who thought they lived in Wonderland, but not the Wonderland from the book. Fear now subsided to her own anger, these men had drugged her on her birthday, locked her in a cell and now were talking absolute gibberish.

“My name is Dee”

Alice's sarcasm raised it's head “Oh, Dee, you got a second name Dee?”

“Dee is my second name, I don't believe we are on a second name basis yet”

Wow! “Oh yes, it would really be a shame if we broke social protocol! That would be just DISASTEROUS!”

Mr Dee leaned back against the wall, he had obviously expected this, they always take a while to accept this.

“OK, let me start at the beginning. There are different worlds” Alice got ready to intercept her, but Mr Dee held up a hand and continued “This world is Wonderland. You will have heard about it from That Book. Now we're getting to the reason you've ended up here. Wonderland was once a great nation, we ruled over all the other worlds. However our rival Nemos revolted against us. In a midst the war that followed we were visited by a person from your world. Her name was Alice. Eventually she managed to get back to Earth. When there she told Charles Lutwidge Dodgson what she had seen. Mr Dodgson” the name was spoke with venom behind it “then decided to exploit the story in order to sell more copies of his ridiculous book, but he published under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll so that we wouldn't find him. Like a name change would be able to hide him from us, the fool! Anyway, the book from your world spread to others, our reputation was destroyed and we lost everything. Wonderland has been in ruin ever since. So I hope you understand my earlier outburst, that book ruined everything!”

“Right, I'm going to humour you for this. So other worlds exist and this one was ruined by a children's book. What the HELL has it got to do with me and Sarah?!”

“I was getting to that Miss Liddle. You won't know this, it's a close kept family secret, but Sarah is related to Mr Dodgson, and as the last living relative we needed to bring Sarah here to make her see what her family has done.”

“You're crazy you realize, you're absolutely crazy. Where is Sarah?! When I get out of here I'm going straight to the police, I have a photographic memory you know so I can tell them what you look like!”

“I think we're a little out of your police's jurisdiction, and I'm sorry to tell you you're not going to be leaving. To be honest you weren't meant to be here, apparently those two idiots don't understand the words 'take her when she's alone', but now that you're here you can't leave”

Alice just sat there completely and utterly baffled. This Dee genuinely believed what he was saying. Of course it was utter nonsense, but here was that chimp in the back of her mind wanting so strongly for it to be true. Was this that it, an adventure. Well if you could call this an adventure, so far she had been locked in a room and shouted at by a chipmunk man. Still it was more eventful then home. Then Mr Dee got up and walked straight back through the wall. However when Alice flung herself at it she painfully realised there must be more to it than that. Again Alice was left alone with her thoughts, but there was only one thing she could think of. She didn't care if she was in another world or not, she was getting out of this cell.

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