My Dearest Hatter

What happens when you lie? You might feel guity for a bit, but you get over it. But sometime it can an impact you can't imagine. One man lied and it Ruined Wonderland.


5. FIVE, The Field of Dreams

They ran for about half an hour, Rab metres ahead, Dop close behind and Hatter still holding Alice's hand as if she were scared Alice might stop. The edge of the field flew past and soon they were deep in forest leaping over logs and dodging tree trunks until eventually Rab stopped, they safe. Alice put her hands on her knees and refilled her lungs with air, Hatter and Dop seemed fine Alice supposed this was just a normal day for them.

She gratefully accepted the water that Hatter held out to her “They usually give up by the end of the field, but we thought we'd go a bit further just to make sure.”

“Sure, yeah, great.”

Dop came over to stand next to the two girls “Do you want to wait for a bit to get your breath back?”

Alice stood up and composed herself “No, I think I'm good, so where are we going now?”

“We're going to main city Wonderland, there we will meet with what is left of the fighters in Wonderland. We're sorry to be dragging you into this, but there isn't really anywhere else for you to go, but we believe that Nemos is planning their final attack on Wonderland and we need to show some resistance all be it a little.”

Alice just nodded. What more was there to say, she could hardly run away , she didn't know anything about this place. She wouldn't last a minute.

The explanation of their destination had sobered the mood of the group, even Rab's ears flopped a little. They moved on in silence through the foliage until they reached the edge of that also. The landscape stretched out before her reminded Alice of an old abandoned house she once had seen stood by it's self on the end of a street. It's surface once painted such bright vibrant colours now lay faded and cracked over time, the paint peeled away to expose the dull undergrowth. Inside there was life long ago, children played, adults gossiped over tea, friends met up, lovers split up, but now shadows have filled the void left by the living leaving a feeling of such purposelessness. Actually no, that wasn't completely accurate for Alice did see life here. There were birds spread across this vast space picking fruitlessly at the ground for some nourishment. A few feet away from her stood a old rusted gate that stands solitary serving to only amplify the secluded nature of the place.

“It was wonderful here once. The Field of Dreams. Plants grew everywhere,flowers a million colours with a billion smells all as brilliant as the next.” Hatters words were laced thick with nostalgia as the four moved into the field “ The birds would only have to stay a few days before they could set off back to your world fulfilled.”

“Back to my world?”

“Yes, that's where they were thought up”

Thought up. What do you mean thought up, they're birds”

Not exactly. They take the form of birds out of practicality. They're your dreams, goals, aspirations, hopes, prayers. Basically whenever you make a serious wish it travels here and in passing to this world takes the form of a bird, here they are fed and grow until they can return to the instigator fulfilled, but when Wonderland fell the family who looked after the birds were called up to fight. Now most birds die within days, have you noticed how within recent years your world has lost hope, people can't seemed to get what they want unless they work their fingers to the bone. That's because their wishes can't come true.”

Dop had gone quiet, he knelt down next to a bird that looked almost gone, it hadn't moved in all the time they had been there. It's feathers were black, but gleamed with a purple glint in the sun. Dop closed his hands together and pressed them to his lips muttering into them. When he opened his hands a familiar small blue caterpillar sat in his palms until he dropped it to the floor beside the bird. The bird looked at it for a second while the caterpillar was still disorientated, but soon the bird reached down its dark beak and swallowed the caterpillar in one gulp. Instantly you could see a change in the bird, it seemed to grow bigger, the colour of it's feathers becoming more defined and carefully it stretched out it's wings, testing them. Dop picked the bird up and stood with it for a moment before throwing it into the air and watching as it flew away. Fulfilled.

He just stood and stared after the bird.

“It was his family who looked after the birds wasn't it?” Alice asked Hatter.

“Yes and I think he would give anything to return here, but he has to fight. Now I think it would be for the best if we try to get through here as quick as possible.”

Alice nodded and followed Hatter on. She thought of the loss that Dop must have to deal with every day, to have the purpose that is engraved on your very soul denied from you, it must be emotionally excruciating. Then Alice thought of her own troubles, how they paled in comparison, but still resonated pain. She thought of Sarah and wished that she could be here with her, safe. She had never really been a religious person before, but Alice knew that she would pray for Sarah's safety, she would do anything.

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