Girls Who Saw One Direction

There were 5 girls who found One direction


1. Seeing One Direction

     One day there were five girls who lived in a house with each other they really injoined playing games, and they loved one direction.  Then they were getting a little hungry they decided if there were going to eat here or at a restaurant.   They chosen restaurant so they went to the Nandos, and they went there in there blue car.   They went in and they ordered. First, Alison ordered I would like a extra cheese personal pan.   Next, Susan went she said "me and Gracie are going to share" We would like a medium pepperoni with sausage.  Then, it was Haley's turn she said " I would like a personal pan pizza with extra cheese and sausage.   Last, was Leigh Ann's turn I would like a personal pan with everything on it but not pepperoni.  The man said " that would be fifteen dollars and Leigh Ann paid she was rich very rich.  He said pick somewhere to sit and it will be ready in five minutes.  They found somewhere to sit and they where all sitting the same way and in walked the door it was One Direction!     

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