Girls Who Saw One Direction

There were 5 girls who found One direction


6. Kissing Louis Tomlinson

       She got finished eating breakfast so she went to the couch and sent  Louis a message.   Then the rest of the girls woke up and ate breakfast.   Leigh Ann's belly and head started hurting and Louis sent back and said "any time we can go out today"?   No I'm sick and put a mad face at the end.    Louis " boo :( " and they kept on texting the whole day and then it was the end of the day and Leigh Ann said " lets hope I feel better tommorow so we can go out" and they went to sleep.   The next day Leigh Ann felt better!   She texted Louis and it said " hey guess what I'm not sick !"    She was so happy she said after that text " anytime we can go out tonight?"    and he replied " yes do you like mexican?" she replied " yes " he said "ok at 4:30 I'll pick you up " and then it was 4:30!     Louis picked her up and they went to a mexican resturant.    5 minutes later they KISSED

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