Girls Who Saw One Direction

There were 5 girls who found One direction


3. Dating Louis Tomlinson

       When we got done with then super busy boring schedule we went home.    When we got home Leigh Ann opened up the trunk with her keys then everybody got out.   Leigh Ann was the last one to get out and she turned to get some and she saw Louis!   She pretended that she didn't see him at all. so when she got on her computer about fifteen minutes later she heard a knock at the door.   Then she went to the door and it was Louis.    He said " hey wanna go out some time" and Leigh Ann said " sure!" and she went to sit down.  the next day Louis knock at the door again Alison went to the door and opened it and said "Leigh Ann come to the door! If you'll give her a minute".   Leigh Ann walked to the door with a big and long red silky dress on and said " hey Louis!' Louis said "hey wanna go out on a date right now " Leigh Ann said 'Sure".   Louis "give me one minute to get dressed " Leigh Ann "ok".   One minute later he came to the door Leigh Ann came he said '' ready''' Leigh Ann "yes'' and off they went to the movie theater!

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