Girls Who Saw One Direction

There were 5 girls who found One direction


4. At The Movie Theater With Louis Tomlinson

      "Leigh Ann"  Louis said Leigh Ann replied " yeah" Louis said"wanna order first " Leigh Ann "sure".   Then they went up Leigh Ann ordered " I would like a Hershey's candy bar and a small popcorn " he said " ok it will come right over there, you sir ".   Louis replied " I would like a Hershey's candy bar " the guy said " go line up with her " and he went and Leigh Ann got her food, and Louis waited three minutes.   Then he got his food and they went to sit down.   Then the movie was about to start so they sat down and started eating.  Fifty minutes later the movie was over so they left.   They went to the mall and Leigh Ann picked some clothes out and so did Louis.   Leigh Ann picked out a pretty red silky dress and it came with red high heels.   Louis picked out a white shirt that came with a black tie, a black jacket, and a pair of black pants.   After they bought everything they left and went home.    When she got home the girls asked what did you do and did you buy anything?   We went to see a movie and I bought some clothes from the mall hay will all of you help me put it up.   Then they finished putting it all up. 

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