Girls Who Saw One Direction

There were 5 girls who found One direction


5. At Louis Tomlinson's House

      Louis called and said " wanna come to my house"  Leigh Ann said back " sure "!    Five hours later she went to his house he said " what to you so long " Leigh Ann replied " oh I ate ".   Louis said " oh that's what took so long" he laughed and so did Leigh Ann laughed also.    Louis asked "were do you want to go today" Leigh Ann replied " I don't have any ideas do you" Louis " no".   Leigh Ann "either do I then how about we not date tonight well go not break up though but you know ".  Louis "yeah it's going to be true like that".   Leigh Ann "so I guess I need to get going because I have a bunch of stuff to do" Louis " bye".   Then the next day she woke up and ate breakfast.

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