A matter of Naming


2. 2

The day to leave arrived quickly enough, after all when you're asleep most of the time and ill, time moves pretty fast. Final goodbyes weren't hard for me but as I looked at Mrs. Doppler I found myself choking up. She'd been the one person to care for me once my parents died, I may not see her again as death was lurking behind her. The van arrived to take me and my luggage away and we exchanged words of comfort to each over. I climbed into the van and looked behind, Mrs. Doppler was there the whole time until we turned the corner and probably a while after that too.

I couldn't see the drivers face and didn't want to start up a conversation so the journey was awkward. After an hour or so I fell asleep. I would probably need the rest once we reached the academy. Once I woke up I realised that I still didn't know the real name of the academy and worked up the nerve to ask the driver. He was likeable enough but didn't really want to say anything. As if this was quite new to Him and he didn't want to mess up.

After a while I realised that I needed to feed Jake, so I asked if we could stop for it. The driver said that it was fine as long as I was fast, I rushed out the van, grabbed what I needed from the boot and rushed back in again within a minute. I fed Jake on the drive from inside his cage and stroked him until we arrived.

When I realised we had stopped I had an adrenaline rush and burst outside to see my new home.
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