The Brother and Sister,Neddle and Rhoss (Rosaline) are on a cruise.Living the life...until;a massive accident causing them to go over board and get washed up on an unknown Tropical Island.They'll have to survive and learn to put up with eachother to get through this alive and get off the island.


1. The Accident

The rushing waves crashed against the boat and the sound of seagulls cawed up above as Neddle sat on a deck chair, bathing in the sun. He had a book in one hand and a flask in the other. He watched as children played and passengers of the ship also soaked in the sun on the deck below.
Neddle wanted peace and quiet which he got on the above deck which he had snuck onto. He was in the west Caribbean at that moment. Just gotten comfortable had Neddle as he heard his plump mother and father call for him
“Neddy, Rhoss” squawked his mother. Rhoss (Rosaline) was Neddle’s sister. She was a goody two shoes in the mind of his mother but a girl with an attitude in Neddle’s, however he loved her and she loved him. Neddles mindless mother walked over to him and grabbed him by the hand.

 Rhoss was enjoying a bit of foreign entertainment when suddenly she saw the sky turn gray. It seemed like Rhoss was the only person who noticed it. Rhoss chose to ignore it as she was served a Caribbean Shish Kebab. Rhoss was enjoying her time in the Caribbean but it seemed that Neddles was not. Neddle was the normal kind of boy who just preferred to stay inside and play video games all day. Meanwhile Neddle was being scolded for sneaking onto the upper deck. Rhoss became more aware of the sky as it turned darker and darker as she also heard a few grumbles of thunder. Boom boom went the foreign drums loud like a stomp from a ginormous elephant. It was like the drummers were playing along to the bangs of the thunder.


People screamed as the boat shook back and forward tipping people overboard. Neddle, his mother and his father ran to the deck as Rhoss and Neddle both coincidently fell overboard at the exact moment. Their parents screamed “Help my children; I don’t think they can swim!” The waves smashed Rhoss and Neddle off of the side of the ship as they noticed each other. They both swam towards each other clinging on to each other. They couldn’t fight the current so they just not-so swiftly drifted away. They awoke on a white sandy beach surrounded by concerned looking monkeys. Tears ran down Rhoss’s face as she sat up looking around for her brother

He was busy marching back and forth thinking about what he would do in such a predicament in one of his games. He hurried over to Rhoss when he saw that she had awoken. Rhoss looked around at the monkeys, the green palm trees and the wildlife of the island as she stood up being handed a banana by one of the monkeys. Straight away Rhoss used her genius mind. “A fire,, wood, glass if there’s any, if  not some stones for making flames” exclaimed Rhoss. By then Neddle had made his way into the forest looking for them ingredients.

Despite her genius mind Rhoss also was quite bossy. Taking over, she ordered Neddle to look for them while she befriended the monkeys. The tide was coming in as it was already quite late. Luckily Rhoss and Neddle found a cave with a abundance of rocks to use as a door. Leaves and some fur, which had been found inside, made a great bed at that time. The night passed, they awoke and so did the creatures of the forest.

A few hours later Rhoss had found fur to wear, coconuts to drink and bananas to eat. On the other hand Neddle was struggling with his hand.It was red and he though "It must have caught on something during the overboard or the venture into the jungle" .

“Neddle, come here I think I’ve found something.....intriguing” shouted Rhoss carelessly. Rushing forward the, “thing” flew out of the forest towards Neddle with Rhoss hanging onto it.

Moments later, Rhoss was petting what seemed like a wild Boar. She was confused and so was Neddle at how gentle and friendly such a animal could be. They played for hours. “He’s just like a dog” mumbled Neddle. With all of the monkeys terrified of the boar they kept away while Rhoss and Neddle stroked him, played with him and fed him.

Eventually they knew he was theirs in a way that they thought “How is it that, he all of a sudden took a liking to them. They called him Pig...they trained him to obey any orders and to follow them wherever they go. It finally turned night whereas they had both made a bed for Pig to sleep on in the cave. The night passed and they woke up on a new morning

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