Forgotten - Sequel for Hidden (Harry VS Niall Fanfic)

Natalie left the boys and went with her enemy. Will the boys find her again? Who will she choose? The sweetest Niall Horan, or the cheesy Harry Styles? Somethings are hidden, but never forgotten.


7. Chapter 7

''Try to scream and its the last thing you will ever do.'' He threatened me and held his hand over my mouth. He smirked at me.


''Josh.'' I said and he harshly let me go.


''Wey hey Nat.'' He said with a thick scottish accent.


''What's the message?'' I asked him with a straight face, knowing the reason why he is here. 


Josh is known as the 'messenger'. Every Time he appears, he has a message to deliver. 

If you thought that Michael was scary and a bad guy, you haven't seen Tony.

Tony was the big boss, everything was under his lead. Michael worked for Tony, but I don't know why this had to do with me. Tony didn't send Micheal after me, Michael wanted the box himself. He told me this after he took me to Wales. So why did Tony send Josh?


''He wants you, Natalie.'' He said serious.


''Well I don't want him, so fuck him!'' I said and turned around, and start walking. I don't care if he wants me or not, I hate him and he can't control my life!

''He will come after you, Nat!'' He yelled after me, but I kept walking.


''He has Jane, you know.'' He said quietly, but loud enough for me to hear. I quickly turned around.



My Jane?




''What?'' I managed to say, my eyes started to get teary. 


''Yup, you heard me. He has her, but he wants you.'' He said and took a step forward me.


''I swear, if he lays a finger on her, I will cut him.'' I said with a angry face. I mean it, that twat cannot touch my finger.


''He won't, as long as you give him what he wants, you.'' He said.

Why does this always have to happen to me?! What did I ever do to deserve this?


''What does he want, exactly??'' I asked. If this is about the box, I swear I will explode! 


''Well, I don't know. No one knows, but he made it very clear that he wants you. He send Micheal after you, but he escaped and he took you with him. Tony found out and now he wants to take the case in his hands.'' He explained.


Wait, what? Michael escaped?? From Tony??

Thats explains it all, why he took him with him and changed my image and all.

So Michael was running away from Tony and he took me with him? 

''Alright, I will do it.'' I said with a serious face.

''Great, meet us at the woods in the other side of the town, 72 hours from now. If you don't come, we will find you and take you.'' He said it clearly and I just nodded.


''And hey.'' he said and I looked up to him.

''Be careful.'' He said and walked away.




I wiped my tears away, but there was no use, I kept crying in silence. My phone was blowing up, the boys were calling me, even Michael. I just ignored them and just walked to my flat.

When I arrived home, I turned on the lights, seriously, why are they always off??

''AHHHHH, YOU NEED TO STOP DOING THAT!'' I yelled, seeing Michael standing right in the middle of the living room.

''Oh my god! Are you alright? I got so worried Natalie, I thought they took you!'' He said and hugged me. I pulled back. He looked at me confused. I walked up stairs and he kept calling my name and he followed me. I walked to my room and slammed the door, but I didn't lock it, fuck.

''Natalie, what's wrong?'' He said while entering the room.

''You worked for Tony right? Why didn't you tell me, Michael?? Why did you lie to me?!'' I yelled at him. He looked down with guilt.

''I'm sorry, Nat, but I had too. I realized I was wrong and I quit, I escaped, with you.'' He explained. 


''Yeah, so he couldn't find you!! If he found me, he would easily find you.'' I yelled at him.

''Yeah, but I thought of you too! If he found you, he would've killed you!'' He defended himself.

''Yeah, well that didn't bring you far, did it? He will kill me after all.'' I said the last sentence quietly. and looked down.

''No, I won't let him, Nat. I will keep you safe.'' He said and laid his hands on my cheek.

''I trusted you, Michael!'' I said calmly.

''Yeah, I know and I'm sorry Nat, but I promise, I won't lie to you ever again.'' He said and looked in my eyes, I know that he meant that, so I hugged him.

''What does he want? Do you know that?'' I asked him, pulling back from the hug.

''All I know is that he wants you, only you, not me, not anyone. I don't quite know why.'' He answered, I just nodded.

''I will be down stairs, if you need me.'' He said and walked towards the door.

''Are you not leaving?'' I asked him, curiously.

''There is a man out there, trying to kill you. Do you think I would leave you all alone?'' He said and I smiled.

''Thanks.'' I said and he smiled back and left.

I jumped in my bed and looked at the clock.


Great, I just have 70 hours left.

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