Forgotten - Sequel for Hidden (Harry VS Niall Fanfic)

Natalie left the boys and went with her enemy. Will the boys find her again? Who will she choose? The sweetest Niall Horan, or the cheesy Harry Styles? Somethings are hidden, but never forgotten.


6. Chapter 6

He leaned closer to me and pulled me over to a kiss. I kissed back of course, or else I will be in deep trouble  That was so close! I had to deny it, or else I would've been dead long time ago.
He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he went upstairs  He gently laid me on the bed and got on top of me. I wonder why he making me doing this. He has a girlfriend, why wouldn't he kiss, or have sex with her instead of me? It got more heated and next thing we know, I was on my bra and underwear, and he was only on this boxer. I laid my hands on his abs, woah. 

''Nat, I've to tell you something..'' He whispered while kissing my neck.

''Um?'' I said moaning. 

''I'm sorry.'' He said. Sorry? For what? He kept kissing me so I didn't have the chance to ask him why.

''Sorry for everything I ever did to you. Sorry for hurting you, torturing you, making your life a living hell.'' He apologized  and continued kissing me all over my face. 

''I promise you, it won't happen again.'' He said and backed a bit, looking deeply into my eyes. 

''It's okay, you also made my life a living heaven now. You gave me what I ever wanted.'' I managed to say. I meant it. It doesn't matter what he did  in the past, what matters is what he does now.

 ''Yeah, but still. I'm sorry.'' He said whispering in my ear. 

''You're forgiven.'' I said and he pulled out a smile.

''This is the last time I'm doing this with you, make it unforgettable, babe.'' He said with a smirk and rest, I want to keep it PG ;)


I rolled to the other side of the bed and quickly noticed it was empty. I opened my eyes and saw Michael wasn't there. Is that bad or good? Michael did really change, after what he said last night, I really knew that he did. I didn't see myself as him slave anymore, more like his friend. I saw a piece of paper on my night table and I picked it up.


Good morning love, I had to go early to the airport, I will be off the town for a while.


I want to thank you once again for forgiving me.


Take care, Michael x


I smiled at the paper. He changed, he really did change. I got up.I took a quick shower, did my hair and makeup  I took on black jeans and a white T shirt, with a peace sign. I went down to eat some cereal when my phone rang.

''Hello?'' I said with a jar of cereal in my mouth. Don't blame me, I'm still a teenager.

''Hi, Nat, its Harry.'' He said and I spit my cereal on the table.

''Eh, you okay?'' He asked me. I wiped milk off my mouth.

''Yeah, hi. How did you get my number?'' I asked him.

''I stole it from Niall.'' He said chuckling.

 ''Haha, so whats up?'' I asked, happy. 

''Nothing much really, I just wanted to ask you if you wanna hang out?'' He asked. Should I? Michael is off the town, so why not?

''Okay, where?'' I asked.

''Great, at the hotel maybe? I've a surprise for you.'' He said.

''What?'' I asked. ''If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise  now would it?'' He said.

''Okay, okay, see you.'' I said and he told me what hotel they were staying in, just a couple of blocks from here actually. I decided to go right away, because I don't have anything to do, plus I'm already fully dressed. When I already got there, there was many fangirls outside of the hotel; screaming and laughing and pushing each other.
I managed to get through them and entered the hotel. Once I got in, I saw Harry in the lobby.

''Hi.'' I said, smiling. ''Hey love.'' He said and hugged me. Oh my sweetest god, he called me love! Let me fangirl a bit.
We got in the elevator and he pressed 12. Oh shit, thats the top floor. It was dead silence in the elevator, and I could feel that Harry looked at me a few times.

''What?'' I said raising my eyebrow with a smirk.

''Nothing.'' He said.

''Its just great to see you again.'' He added and smiled. I just looked down, blushing. Did he miss me? Well, I miss him too, but I can't tell him that. Before anything else happened, we reached the top floor and we walked out of the elevator and Harry lead me to a room.

''We've the whole floor for us self.'' He said and I slightly nodded.

''Come on, the others are waiting.'' He said and I followed him. He lead me to one of the rooms and opened the door. I entered and saw around, the room was huge and beautiful! I shouldn't say a room actually, its like a suit! It actually looked like a house inside!

''Natalie!'' I hear someone yell and I looked at Louis and the others running towards me.

''Oh, did I mention that I told them about you?'' Harry asked, I shook my head.

''Well now you do.'' He said and Louis gave me a big boo bear hug. Then Liam and Zayn hugged me.

And lastly, Niall. 

''Hey.'' He said and I said it back and hugged him, longer than the others.

''Is it my turn now?'' Someone said behind Niall. I recognized the voice, I just couldn't believe it.

''Eva?!'' I screamed. ''Natalie!'' She said mimicking me. I ran to her and hugged her. Woah, so many hugs today!

We talked abit about anything that had happened. Eva was together with Zayn! and she was touring with them! Aw.

''So what we gonna do today?'' Niall asked and everyone came with suggestions 

''So a movie night it is!'' He said and we walked to the livingroom, I still can't believe this is a hotel room. Mindfucking.

''Hey, Nat, help me with the food?'' Niall asked and I slightly nodded and walked to the kitchen. I put the popcorn in the micro and turned it. I felt someone watching me so I turned around and saw Niall staring at me, well my body.

''Niall?'' I asked and he turned his attention to eyes and I giggled.

 ''Nat, what are we?'' He asked, I'm not quite sure what he meant.

''Humans?'' I answered, more like a question.

''Haha, no.'' He said and walked towards me. ''What are we?'' He said and laid his hands on my waist. Now I knew what he meant. I avoided his eye contact and just looked down.

''I like you, Natalie, a lot.'' He said and leaned to me.

''I like you too.'' I whispered.

''But?'' He asked.

''There is nothing 'but'.'' I said.

''So why aren't we together?'' He asked me.

I couldn't answer him, I'm afraid hurting him.

''You still like Harry, don't you?'' He asked me.

''I-'' I said but nothing came out.

''I know what happened in the beach house, Nat. I just didn't wanted to interrupt.''

''Its alright, he likes you too.'' He said in my ear, sounding hurt, and then left. Oh god, he knows that I slept with Harry. I ran my fingers through my hair. What am I gonna do now?  I grabbed the popcorn and went into the livingroom where the others already started to watch the movie. I replaced the popcorn in the table and sat next to Eva.

It was now I finally realized how much I missed them. A part of me still regrets leaving, but the other part of me, don't. But, I'm happy that I met them again I still couldn't stop thinking about what happened in the kitchen with Niall though. I love him, I truly do, but what about Harry? I know I've feelings for him, but as much as I love Niall?

During the movie, I could steal glances from Niall and Harry, which made me feel uncomfortable. By when the movie was finished, Eva was sleeping and lead to Zayn shoulder. Louis and Liam started talking, and Harry was on his phone, but no sight for Niall. Where did he go? 

I stood up and started walking around, trying to find Niall. As I heard an angel's voice sing. I followed the voice and it lead me to a room. I was standing in front of his door and he sat at the edge of his bed with his guitar.  


''Cause you were mine for the summer.

Now we know its nearly over.

Feels like snow in September But I always will remember

You were my summer love You will always be my summer love.''


He stopped singing.


''I wrote it in that summer.'' He said noticing I was there listening. I knew what summer he was talking about, now that I got my memory back, I remember everything that happened that summer. It was the best, and the worst summer of my life. 

I walked into the room and sat beside him in the bed.

 ''Niall, look. I love you, yeah I like Harry too, but I really can't choose between you too. Just give me some time to think, okay?'' I said.

''Okay, but-' He started to say but he got cut off my ringing phone. I took it out of my pocket and saw the caller ID. Michael  Why was he calling me now? I pressed the green button.

''Hello?'' I said.

''Hi Nat.'' He said coldly  I heard car passing him and girls screaming.

''Micheal. Why are you calling me?'' I asked him.

''Look outside of the window.'' He said.

''What?'' I asked him.


''Go on.'' He said. Did he know that I was here? I looked over to Niall who was confused as I was. I stood up and walked to the window. I froze. He was standing there, waving at me. 

''You see, Natalie. You can't lie to me.'' He said through the phone.

''Get out, NOW.'' He said and hung up. I walked from the window.

''Nat, what's wrong?'' Niall asked me walking up to me. Should I tell him? Last time when I didn't tell about what Michael was up too, it ended up really bad, Niall got almost killed.  He raised his eyebrow, waiting for an answer. I pulled off a smile.

''Nothing, I've to go, I've plans.'' I said like nothing have happened.

''Oh, okay.'' He said. I passed him and walked to the livingroom where the others were.

''Hey guys, I've to go now. See ya!'' I said and walked passed really fast, not giving them a chance to respond. I opened the door and rushed down the hall and stepped inside the elevator  I pressed nr '1' and waited for the door to close.

''Natalie!'' I hear someone yell after me and I saw him running down the hall.

''Oh god no.'' I said.

''Natalie, wait!'' He yelled still running.

''Bye Niall!'' I said and the door closed and I sighed. I waited for the door to open, but then I realized, Niall could've taken the stairs down. So I decided to walk off the 4th floor and take the other staircase  When I reached the lobby, I saw Niall looking around for me. I started running towards the exit, but he saw me. 

''Natalie, please stop!'' He yelled and caused people in the lobby looking at us. I continued running out and I greeted hundred of fangirls outside of the hotel. I knew Niall couldn't come out of the hotel or else he would've been mobbed. I ran through the girls, and saw a black car parked the same place where I saw Michael  I recognized the car and I went in. I sat beside him and turned to him. He was looking outside of the car window, I'm not afraid of him anymore, I should, but I don't.

''I can explain.'' I started to say. Honestly, I couldn't.

''You don't need to, I know, I know everything.'' He said and turned to me. 

''I know that you love those lads, and its okay. I promised not to control you anymore.'' He said calmly. 

Those? What does he mean with ''those lads''?  How does he know that I love Niall and Harry?

''Its kinda obvious babe.'' He said, reading my mind.

''But, wait. Of you know about the boys, why did you ask me to go out?'' I asked him.

''Don't freak out but.'' He said. ''What Micheal? What happened?'' I said, afraid.

''I'm sorry, but he found us.'' He said, and with that my heart fell out.  Just by 'he' I automatically knew who he meant. 

''No.'' Was all I could say. 

''No, he can't find me, NOOO!'' I screamed. 

''I'm sorry Nat, I did all I could do.'' Michael said and pulled me over a hug.

''No, no no!!'' I cried out loud.

''Its okay, Nat. Its going to be okay, trust me. I won't let him take you.'' Michael said, trying to calm me down.


''Stop the car, stop it now!'' I yelled, and it quickly stopped. I ran out of the car, Michael was yelling after me, but I didn't stop running. I didn't know where I was running to, I just wanted to get out of there!  I ran into a dark alley  I kept running until someone grabbed my waist and someone covered my mouth. I started screaming, but it was for no use. No one could hear me anyways. I started to hit the person in front of me, and the person grabbed my hands and pulled me into him, then I saw his face. 

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