Forgotten - Sequel for Hidden (Harry VS Niall Fanfic)

Natalie left the boys and went with her enemy. Will the boys find her again? Who will she choose? The sweetest Niall Horan, or the cheesy Harry Styles? Somethings are hidden, but never forgotten.


5. Chapter 5

*Harry's POV*

''Hi, Natalie.'' I said and pulled off a smirk.  I was 85% sure that it was Natalie. Her eyes, mouth and body, its just clicks to me. But, there was a voice inside my head saying it wasn't her. I mean I want it to be true, maybe its just my imagination? 


''What?'' She said confused. Her voice, accent...I can't.


''I'm not blind, Nat.'' I said and took step forward, my heart pounding inside me.

''What are you talking about? My name is Sarah.'' She said normally, looking at me confused. I was a bit taken about, but I was so sure its her, if it wasn't then it must be long lost twin.

''Natalie, please.'' I said quietly, my voice sounding hurt. She sighed and looked at the ground before looking at me again, this time she broke into grin and the whole zoo broke in my stomach.

''Hi, Harry.'' She said with smile in her face and it didn't take me a second to pull her over a tight hug. I enjoyed the way her petite body felt in my arms and her overhelming scent filled my nose.

''I missed you so much Nat, oh god. How have you been?'' I said, my voice cracking at the end beacuse of happiness. I want to freeze in this moment forever. Me holding her in my arms, it's just perfect.

''Harry, I-' She started to say but her phone started ringing. She pulled out her phone and she stared at it with a shock. 

''Who is it?'' I asked with full confusion while I released her from my arms. My body immiedetly missing the warmth of her body.

''Micheal.'' She answered, her voice whispering. I stared at her in shock before anger rushed over, my blood boiling and I found myself clenching my fists so hard that it become white.

That bastard, If it wasn't for him, all this wouldn't happen. 

''I've to take it.'' She added while it was ringing. Her voice full of worry .

''No, why?'' I asked her through gritting teeth.

''Because, if I don't he will suspect something and I'm suppose to be with him tonight.'' She said and looked at the ground for a second. 

''Be with him?'' I asked, my voice becoming softer.  What does she mean?

''Eh, nothing. Em, I've to take this, wait.'' She said and before i could response she answered the call.


''Hi baby.'' She said with a sweet voice. Wait, baby? Did she just call him for baby? What in the actual fuck..

*Natalie's POV*

''Where are you?'' Micheal asked me, his voice full of coldness. Even in the phone, his voice sent tingles down my spin and not good ones.

''Hanging out with my friends, nothing much.'' I answered, trying to sound normal as much as possible. Well, I didn't lie, I was hanging out with my friends, I just didn't mention who my friends were..

''Who?'' He asked, his voice still stone cold. Damn you, Micheal.

''Don't worry about me babe, I'm just having fun, I will come home soon.'' I said with a soft voice, it always works at him.

He sighed at the other end and I knew it worked.

''Okay, you know tonight's plan, right?'' He asked with playfull voice this time, I was sure he had a smirk on his mouth. Dirty, pervert.

''Yeah.'' My voice dropped about the thought. Tonight I was going to serve him, well in other words, strip for him. And this time, its at his place.

''Great, will see you soon then babe.'' He said and then hung up.

I sighed tiredly and turned around and faced confused Harry. Here we go again, I tought to my self

''I've to go.'' I said, my voice in whisper, but I'm sure he heard it. The truth is, I don't want to go. I want to stay here with the boys, with Harry and Niall.  Even though what happened in the past. They were the one who saved me from being killed.

''No, please stay. You just came back.'' Harry said coming closer to me. His voice pleading.

''Sorry but I have too.'' I said looking at the ground, I don't want to look at him in the eyes, if I do, i will feel guilty as hell.

''Will you come back?'' He asked, his voice desperat but I didn't answer.

''For 6 months Nat. For 6 months I've been thinking about you, every single day. I've looked every where for you. And now you're finally back, so please don't leave.'' He said with soft voice, then he come closer, broughing his hands at my cheeks, I looked from the ground to his hipnotizing green eyes, the same eyes I fell for the night he kidnapped me. Before I could do something, I stood on my tiptoes and pecked his cheek.

''Okay, I won't. But I've to go now. We could catch up tomorrow or something.'' I said taking his hands and looking at him in the eyes and he smiled his dazzling smile. I gave him a quick hug and left the room.

While I was walking down the hall, I bumped into someone.

''Hey Nat, I was about to check on you. Are you alright?'' I looked up when I heard the familiar Irish accent just to be met with pair of ocean eyes. 

''He found out.'' I answered him, my voice in whisper.

''Oh, what happened?'' He asked, his voice full of worry.

''Nothing. He took it fine, but I've to go now, bye.'' I said quickly and ran before he could say something.

I ran out and I rang a cap and he drove me home first to change and grab my things and then head to his place.

I took out my house keys and opened the main door. I stepped inside and closed the door. I quickly noticed that the light in the living room was off. I never turn off the light. I walked into the living room and 

turned the light on.


'Ahhhhhhhhh, oh my god!'' I screamed and clenched my pounding heart. 

''Micheal, what are you doing here?'' I asked taking deep breaths. He was sitting on my couch with a drink on his hand.

''So, how was the concert babe?'' He said smiling with his cocky smile.


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