Forgotten - Sequel for Hidden (Harry VS Niall Fanfic)

Natalie left the boys and went with her enemy. Will the boys find her again? Who will she choose? The sweetest Niall Horan, or the cheesy Harry Styles? Somethings are hidden, but never forgotten.


4. Chapter 4


The boys were performing and the crowd went wild! I never heard the boys sing, but now that I am, I'm pretty amazed. I was just standing gobsmacked like idiot in the middle of jumping and dancing girls.

They all have amazing voice, I enjoyed the concert as much as the other fans enjoyed it. Even though the most of the time, i was standing gaping at their amazing performance.

I couldn't help but notice that Harry was looking at me, he will steal glance at my direction in every five seconds.  How couldn't he notice me? I mean, Niall did. Did he really forget me or is he just faking? 

''I never understood what love was really like. But I felt it for the first time looking in your eyes.'' Harry sang his solo in 'Loved you first' staring right into my eyes, I felt my heart skip a beat when his emerald green eyes stared into mine. The light from the stage shined righ into his face making him look like God. I couldn't tear my eyes off as his raspy voice rang throw the area.

Because I've been waiting,

All this time to finally say it.

But now I see your heart's been taken

And nothing could be worse.

Baby I loved you first.'

The boys sang the chorus. I couldn't stare at him any longer because then I will give up and run to kiss the shit out of him


The rest of the concert, I was silent, just sitting in my seat and the girls beside me gave me crazy looks. They are sure wondering why the hell I'm sitting on One Direction concert. I could still feel Harry's gaze in me, but I tried my best to avoid him so I started looking at Niall, smiling at his cuteness when he did his famous jump.

''So what do you think?'' Niall came up to me after the concert ended and I was waiting them in backstage

''Incredible! I love it!'' I said while hugging him, he was full of sweat, but I shrugged it off and hugged him.

''Come on, you've to meet the boys.'' He said and I rolled my eyes but smiled, trying to hide my nervousness

''Its going to be weird.'' He added and smiled weakly, noticing my nervousity. He knew me too well.

''Yeah, do you think they will recognize me?'' I asked nervously biting my lip.

''Nah, Harry didn't, I don't think the others will either.'' He said and took my hand, giving it gentle squeeze which sent tingles down my spine.

We went into a room, where the boys were. Zayn was watching the TV, Louis were on his phone and Harry and Liam were talking together. As soon as we stepped into the room all the eyes were on me. 

''Guys, I want to introduce you to Sarah.'' Niall said and I stepped forward and smiled while giving little wave

''Sarah, this is Liam, Zayn, Louis and, yeah you know Harry.'' Niall said pointing at each of them, even though I already know them, i tried my bed to hide it. The boys came up to me and hugged me. I froze in shock, What? Why did they hug me?

Fortunately, they didn't recognize me. Or unfortunately?

We chatted about some rubbish and I had fun. Really,  I missed them like crazy even though they kidnapped me. Now that they don't know who I am, I know how they really are. 

''Who wants to go out?'' Louis asked and everyone cheered agreeing to it

''I'm just going to grab my stuff, Sarah would you help me?'' Harry asked smiling at me. I almost choked in my drink, my heart beating faster at his question. I looked over Niall and he slowly nodded.

''Um, yeah sure.'' I managed to say with a smile, my voice shaking a little.

''Great. We will be back in sec guys.'' He said to the boys and we went to a room what I assume was his dressingroom.

He opened the door and I followed him in. Without saying anything he went to the desk and started to look after something and I just stood there like awkward turtle.

''You know,' He broke the silence not looking up from his desk. I looked up to him from the ground. 

''When I first saw you. My heart dropped.'' He said countinuing looking after whatever he was looking for. My stomach twisted at his question, I feared of what this conversation is bringing.

''Why?'' I asked still standing stuck on my prosistion and my voice was shaking a little at the end.

''Well, you reminded me so much of I girl I knew...know.'' He said still not looking up from the desk. I know where this was going and honestly, I didn't like it, but my curiosty took over.

''Tell me about this, girl.'' I said taking one step towards him, my head was shouting me to stop, but my heart said something else.

''She was the love of my life. She was so beautiful and I loved her so much.'' He said with pained voice that made my heart ache, in that moment i just want to run and hug him tight. He stopped what he was doing and had his hands in both sides of the desk.

''So what happened?'' I asked and took another step towards him. He turned around and faced me, his eyes were puffy and he had the most pained look on his face. In that moment I wanted to crowl in a corner and cry till i have no tears.

''She left me.'' He said with no exprestion.

''Why?'' I asked.

''I broke her heart I guess. I never really told her how much I loved her. How much she meant to me, and she just....left.'' He said. 

''But, if I had one more chance,'' He started and took a step towards me and I froze.

''To show.' he said, taking another step.

''How much I love her,' Another step.

''and I would tell her how sorry I am for what happened between us.'' Now he is only one step ahead me.

''And that girl,' one step. 

''Is you.'' He said. He stopped and looked me right in my eyes. My eyes wided. 

''Hi, Natalie.'' He said with a smirk.

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