Forgotten - Sequel for Hidden (Harry VS Niall Fanfic)

Natalie left the boys and went with her enemy. Will the boys find her again? Who will she choose? The sweetest Niall Horan, or the cheesy Harry Styles? Somethings are hidden, but never forgotten.


3. Chapter 3


*Niall's POV*

Did he just kiss her?! Anger filled all over my body, I clenched my fists.

I'm not jealous, I'm just mad. He almost killed her and now he is kissing her? What? But that's not what surprises me the most, what surprises me was that Natalie didn't pull back. She kissed him back!

''Niall?'' Natalie called me and I slowly came out of the closet, still clenching my fists.

''Mind explaining?'' I said angrily and crossed my arms. She sighed and rubbed her head then signaled me to sit with her in the sofa.

We walked over to the little sofa and she looked me in the eyes for some seconds, her green eyes looking into my ocean blue ones, she broke the eye contact and took deep breath then spilled everything to me.

About modelling, Micheal and her life now.

I missed her like crazy. That day when I woke up in the hospital, she was the first thing I asked, then come red eyed Harry and told me she was gone, in that moment my heart broke into million pieces and I don't know if it ever will be fixed .

I thought about her everyday. She was always the first one I thought off when I woke up and the last thing I thought abut before I slept.

Then she came to the part where she has to be Micheal's 'slave' and I immediately broke from my thoughts and looked at her.

''What?!'' I raised my voice and stood up from my seat, not believing with I heard. Slave??

''Shh, Niall its not a big deal.'' she said and fiddled with the hem of her tank top.

''It is! I won't let him anywhere near you, Nat! He tried to kill you! Not only once but twice!'' I yelled angrily, not believing her what she said. No big deal? Hell, it was big deal.

She frowned and looked down. I sighed and calmed myself then sat beside her and lay my hands on her shoulder.

''Natalie, look. I didn't mean to yell at you, but I don't like him, you know why. You can't trust him.'' I said calmly and rubbed her shoulder in attempt to comfort her.

''He has changed, Niall.'' She whispered and looked at me with those big green eyes, in this moment she looked so vulnerable.

''Didn't you?'' She asked looking me right in the eye. I flinched at her words.

I know what she meant. She was talking about the kidnapping, the first time when we did things to her. We still regret it. Me, mostly.

''Just be careful, okay?'' I said worried and pulled her over to a hug. Wrapping my arms around her petite figure and inhaled her sweet scent.

Something started to vibrate in my pocket and I took my phone out, not bothering to look at the caller ID.

''Ello!'' I said with my Irish accent.

''Niall, where are you?'' Liam asked in the other end sounding worried.

''Just with my old friends I bumped into, I'm alright.'' I said, not knowing what else to say and looked at Natalie who had a question look in her face.

''Oh okay, we were so worried. Come to the studio before 7 pm okay?'' He said, sounding relieved.

''Okay lad, I will, bye.'' I said, trying to sound normal and he said bye and hung up.

''Who was it?'' Natalie asked looking at me questionly.

''Just Liam.'' I answered and she just nodded.

We reminded quiet for a moment.

''Are you going to tell them?'' She asked, looking at me worryingly, breaking the silence and I reminded silent.

''Niall, please don't.'' She begged looking at me with pleading eyes.

''They're going to find out either way.'' I said and looked at her.

''No they won't! You guys didn't heard about me for 7 mouths! And we can keep it like that, and you won't tell anyone about this.'' She said clear and sounded pleading.

I slowly shook my head.

''What about Harry? He will freak out if he find me. And Micheal? He will kill you us both, Niall, didn't you hear what he just said?'' She said and now in panic mood.

''I can't Nat.'' I shook my head and looked down.

''Please?'' She said with innocent voice with plead dripping. I had to use all my strength for not to give in. I felt so bad for her, but we could miss her again.

''What are you afraid of?'' I asked changing the topic, well kinda of.

''Nothing.'' She said and u immediately knew she lied.

''Tell me.'' I said and looked at her in the eyes.

''I want to start over, I don't wanna live in my past anymore. I want to forget about it.'' She said, looking pained for her past.

''Forget about me?'' I asked with a hurt voice, and my heart clenched.

''Niall, no, I didn't mean that. I'm just afraid, that's it.'' She said and and I breathed in relief.

''Don't be, I'm here.'' I said and raised my hand, brushing her cheek.

''I just don't want to cause you problems, that's it.'' She explained and I continued to brush her cheek.

''Okay, I won't tell them, but if you promise to keep in touch with me.'' I said with a pleading eyes and took my had from her cheek to her hands. I held them tightly, not wanting to miss her again, I don't want to go through the pain again.

She sighed and looked down at our hands.

''Okay, but we have to be careful. Really.'' She said and I smiled widely, and I felt happy at that moment.

My phone vibrated again and I looked at the caller ID this time.


''I got to go, see you soon love.'' I quickly said not giving her any time to respond.and went out of the room like I had a group of hyenas chasing me.

I took on my hoody and sunglasses and hurried off the building

I totally forgot about Harry. I was with him when I bumped into Natalie in the streets.

''Hey.'' I said trough the phone while walking to my car.

''Niall, where are you? You just went.'' He said sounding worried.

''Sorry, something came up.'' I said trying to sound convincing

''What?'' He asked sceptic.

''Nah its nothing, but I'm coming now, see you homie.'' I said quicklyand hung up, not giving him time to response. I felt bad for not telling him, but I had to respect Nat's decision.

I drove to the studio where the the boys were. I said hi to them, they just looked weird at me, but we started to record some songs.


The next couple of days, me and Natalie met secretly. We didn't go in public though, and no one really noticed it.

Well Harry asked me where I was going the whole time, but he didn't really get in to it and I appreciate that.


''You did what?'' Natalie asked laughing.

''Yes.'' I answered trying to control my laughter.

I was telling her a funny story about me and the boys in during the tour.

We were at the Catwalk Center because she was going to perform soon and I wanted to support her.

''I can't believe you're leaving.'' She said with a sad look in her eyes.

''You can always come with me.'' I said, hoping silently she would, but I knew she couldn't.

''You know I can't.'' She said looking down, just as I though.

''You can, you just don't want.'' I said and smiled trying not show much pain and she smiled and mumbled a 'yeah'.

''But, don't worry, I will come soon back.'' I said convinced and smile dat the though of coming back to her.

''Sara!'' One of the worker called her and she turned around and looked at worker.

''Be right back.'' She said and smiled.

''Rock that catwalk girl.'' I said with a girly voice and she laughed, turning around to go to the opening

I went back the curtains to see her walk.

''Niall?'' I heard a voice say behind me. I turned around and my eyes widened. Oh no.


*Harry's POV*


''Zayn?'' I suddenly said. We were at the hotel room. Zayn was playing FIFA and I was laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

''Yeah?'' He answered, not talking his eyes off the TV.

''Did you noticed that Niall has been acting weird lately?'' I asked him, turning to look at him

''What do you mean?'' He asked back still staring at the TV.

''I mean that, he is happy, like all the time.'' I said and hoping not to sound selfish, I mean he was happy and I should be happy for him, but lately he almost looked overjoyed and I got curious.

''Haz, he is Niall. He is always happy.'' Zayn said like it was matter of fact.

''Yeah, I know, but don't you think there is something going on? I mean he is always out with someone.'' I said, hoping he would understand.

''Harry don't worry, he is happy and let him be that. Maybe he met a girl or something. I don't know man.'' Zayn said and I though of what he said. It must be a girl, if not, then there must be a new food place he found.

''Yeah.'' I said nodding my head.

''Okay well this place is killing me, I have to get out off here.'' I said and got off the bed.

''Okay, but remember to come right in time for the concert tonight.'' He yelled after me. I just nodded for respond, even though he couldn't see me.

I took on my glasses and went out and a cold breeze hit me.

I sighed and walked down the streets.

Thinking about Niall. I can't be the only one noticing there is something up with him. He has always this dreamy smile one his and sometimes he just stares at nothing with a huge smile on his face, like he is thing of something, or someone in particular.

Its not my business but I can't let it go , I'm too curious.

While I was walking, I saw Niall's car. I recognized the car sign. It was parked in front of a huge building.

Catwalk Center.

Why is he there?

I decided to go in and check out. , but I got lost, girls everywhere, I somehow got backstage. I didn't find Niall, so I just was about to go out before my eye caught him.

''Niall?'' I said and he turned around with a hint of shock in his face.

''Harry. What are you doing here mate?'' He asked me and smiled, somehow, he sounded nervous.

''What are you doing here?'' I asked him back and my curiosity was driving him crazy, I could see it in his face, even though he did everything to hide it.

''Nah, nothing. Just wanted to see this performance.'' He said normally, but somehow I didn't believe it.

''Niall.'' I said, raising one eyebrow, and narrowed my eyes at him

''What? I was!'' He defending him, and now I could see the nervousness on full on his face.

''I mean, dude, look at these girls!'' He said and pointed at the catwalk.


Okay, there was many good looking girls here but this isn't Niall's thing. Fashion really? I sighed and decided to just let it go.

''We got to go!'' Niall suddenly said and pulled my arm, dragging me away.

''Niall?'' I heard a girl call him. The voice. The voice of the girl was too familiar.

Niall froze in his tracks. The girl called again and I searched my brain for this voice.

''Are you not going to respond her?'' I asked him looking at him weirdly.

''Um.'' Was all he could say. Just then the girl appeared and she froze.

She had short dress and a massive hat, that almost covered her face. She looked so familiar, along with her voice but I have no idea who she is.

''Niall, why don't you introduce me to your friend?'' I said smiling and looked at Niall.

''Um, yeah. Harry, this is Sara, Sara, this is Harry.'' He said and I pulled out my hand and she looked at it nervously first but then she slowly pull out her hand and took it in mine. A familiar jog of electrity run down my spine by the contact of her skin. My stomach did a flib and I didn't know why.

"Nice to meet you Sara, I'm Harry" I said, my voice cracking a bit.


''You too.'' She said and she pulled her hand off, and I immediately missed the feeling. This was really odd.

''Hey, I've an idea. Why wouldn't you come with us? To our concert?'' I said excited and I don't why I invited her. I mean, you can't just invite strangers you've just met. Wow, I was being weird this day.

''I shouldn't-'' She started to say, but I cut her off.

''Nah, come on! We can get to know each other! It will be fun, wouldn't it, Niall?'' I said and looked at Niall.

''Yeah, why not?'' He said and I saw that eyed the girl nervously. I tore my gaze from him and looked at Sara.

''Okay, let me change first, and Niall can I talk to you?'' She said and I did little happy dance inside me. Niall nodded and together they went to the dressing room.


*Natalie's POV*


''What did just happen?!'' I asked Niall as soon as we got in the room.

''I've no idea.'' Niall said shocked as I was.

''He didn't recognized me, why?'' I asked and prayed to lord he didn't.

He didn't recognized me, at all. Did he forget me? I got a little happy what he didn't, but I got sad as well.

''I don't know, you changed your image.'' Niall said and eyed me up and down.

''Yeah, but you recognized me.'' I said little insecure of Niall's gaze.

''I don't know, but its a good thing right?'' Niall asked and I smiled, trying to convince him

''Yeah, I guess.'' I mumbled

''Nothing to worry about it then.'' Niall said and left me alone in the room. I sighed and closed the dressing room.

I quickly changed my clothes. I took on black skinny jeans, white baggy sweater, and some white converse. I quickly brushed my hair and let it fall over my face, so it hide half of my face. In case Harry gets some second thoughts about me. I grabbed my things and went to the boys who stood outside the dressing and smiled. I smiled back and hurried off the building to Niall's car and drove to the concert

Tonight will defiantly be something and I hoped for the best.

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