Forgotten - Sequel for Hidden (Harry VS Niall Fanfic)

Natalie left the boys and went with her enemy. Will the boys find her again? Who will she choose? The sweetest Niall Horan, or the cheesy Harry Styles? Somethings are hidden, but never forgotten.


10. Chapter 10

I slowly took my hand over the handle, but before I could open it, the door bell rang and I didn't take a second to run to the door.
I stopped when I reached the door.

Who is it?

Maybe its Micheal? But he has keys to the house, why would he knock?

Maybe its Tony or one of this men?? 

It knocked again, I took a step away from the door.

Maybe its Niall? He was going to pick me up.


''Now everyone around us can be working for Tony.'' 
I heard Micheal's voice say inside of my head.


''Natalie?! Open the door babe.'' I heard a familiar voice say and I quickly opened the door and gave him a hug.

''Are you okay? It seemed like you just have run the marathon.'' Niall said laughing.

''Yeah, I'm fine, could we just go?'' I asked him.


''Yeah, sure. Let's go.'' He said and I grabbed his hang tightly and walked to his car. He opened the door for me and I went in.


''You look beautiful tonight, by the way.'' He said while driving.

''You don't look bad yourself, Horan.'' I said smiling.


''Listen, I didn't mean to make you mad earlier today. Yes, I knew he was watching, but. I'm sorry.'' He apologized.


''No, its alright. Don't worry about it.'' I said and gave him a smile. 

During the whole ride, I couldn't stop thinking about what happened in the house. I was 100% sure that someone was in there, even though I don't want to believe it. 
I pulled out my phone and dialed Micheal's nr, but he didn't pick up.
That's strange, Micheal always picks up whenever I'm calling. I let it pass, and decided to text him instead.

Hey :)
I went out clubbing with the guys. Don't worry, I will be safe
Call me or text me whenever you get this :) x


''We are here.'' Niall said and once again, opened the door for me. I yet again held his hand and went inside of the club. We greeted Eva and the boys and everyone quickly split up.
Eva and Zayn was dancing, Liam was sitting with a brown, curly haired girl. I don't know where Louis went, and Harry was drinking in the bar. And I was left alone with Niall.


''Care to dance?'' He asked.


''Sure.'' I answered and he lead me to the dance floor. 
It was a slow song on, so we took it slow. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he placed his hands on my waist and we slowly moved.

'A drop in the ocean' started to play, and I got emotional because it was my favorite song of all times.
'A drop in the ocean, changing the weather.
I was praying that you and me, might end up together.
And Im wishing  for rain as I stand in the dessert, but I'm holding you closer than most, cause you're my heaven.


''I love you.'' Niall whispered in my ear, but I didn't respond.

''No matter who you choose, I will always be here, waiting for you. And never forget that I love you Natalie, forever and always.'' He said. I couldn't say anything, I was touched.

''Now.'' He said and pulled back.

''Lets have a drink!'' He said smiling and put me over to the bar. 

''What do you want?'' He asked me. I honestly don't drink, so I don't know what to have. 

''I will have whatever you want.'' I said smiling, don't wanna sound stupid in a bar, now do we.

''Okay, can we please have a shot of vodka please?'' Niall said.

Owah, vodka? We are becoming Russian tonight...

After shots of vodka, Niall left to go to the bathroom and I just stood there, like a loner.
I pulled out my phone to see if Micheal had called or texted, but he hasn't. It's quite strange cause Micheal is a protective person, he wouldn't go a minute of his life not having updates about me.
So I decided to text him...again.


Hey Micheal, why haven't you called or texted me today?

Are you okay?

Please respond.



After I sent that, I felt two strong arms around my waist. I first thought it was Niall, but once I turned around..

''Hey babe.'' He said smirking.

''Hey Harry, having fun?'' I asked him.


''Now I am.'' He said and pulled me towards him and pushed his lips against mine. He bit my lip to entrance my mouth, but I didn't allow him to. He kept trying, and I kept denying.

''Stubborn.'' He mumbled and I giggled, which I shouldn't have. He took his advantage and entered my mouth. In a matter of seconds, we were in a full making out session. His hands was traveling over my whole body and we were in a middle of dancing people.

*Beep Beep*

My phone peeped. I pulled back from the kiss to see who texted me, hoped that Micheal responded.
''Oh come on baby, chat later.'' Harry said and tried to kiss me, but didn't cause he saw my shocking face when I saw the text message.





ouy rea ni regnad

Okay, I won't end there because you guys would seriously beat me senseless, so let me add more :3
What the fuck does that mean?!

''Baby, what's wrong?'' Harry asked me, and I showed him the text message. He was as confused as I was.

We sat in a booth in the bar with the other boys, trying to figure out what the text meant.


''Maybe its just people joking around. Like teenagers, it happens to everyone.'' Liam said. 

''Yeah, but maybe its in another language? Google that.'' Zayn said and Louis searched it on his phone. 

''Nope.'' Louis said and we sighed.
I looked at my phone screen. There is something I'm over-seeing, I don't know what, but there is just something.

ouy rea ni regnad










Then it suddenly clicked. 


''Guys?'' I said and they all looked at me.

''I'm in danger.'' I said and they looked confused.

''Ouy rea ni regnad' means 'you are in danger' written backwards!'' I said and their eyes grew wide.
I'm in danger, then I suddenly remembered something.

I quickly looked at my phone and saw it was already 9PM.



I've 60 mins on me, or else Tony will kidnap me.



''We have to find Micheal, NOW!'' I told the boys.

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