Forgotten - Sequel for Hidden (Harry VS Niall Fanfic)

Natalie left the boys and went with her enemy. Will the boys find her again? Who will she choose? The sweetest Niall Horan, or the cheesy Harry Styles? Somethings are hidden, but never forgotten.


1. Chapter 1


''Okay, one last shot and we're done for now.'' My photographer said pointing the camera at me. I did what he said and posed at camera once again

''You were incredible, Sara! Like always!'' He said and clapped excitedly. I smiled widely feeling proud.

''Thanks, James, see you on Friday!'' I said and literally run to my dressing room

You're probably confused now, I can understand so let me tell you what happened

First of all, I'm a model, a supermodel. Yeah I know, how did that happen, may you ask?

Well, after I went with Micheal that day, he told me his plan who was a big shocker for me.

I was going to be a model for his Fashion Company who was big for some odd reason, I didn't know Michael owned a fashion company, but you never know Michael.

I moved to Cardiff, Wales. I needed to get away from England. Too many memories who I couldn't live with.

And oh, you're probably wondering why my name is Sara. I changed it, I want to start over again. I don't want to live in my past anymore, so I've totally changed myself. I dyed my light brown hair, to dark brown, almost black. Its longer than before, I've also changed my image. My personality is different, I'm completely a different person now and to be honest I like it.

And what about the boys and Eva? I haven't heard a thing about them since that day, not even a pip. I mean I see One Direction everywhere, it's too hard to avoid them since they are famous.

I promised Micheal not to have contact with them, and I won't. I won't be a bother in their life anymore, i brought mess into their lives, one of them nearly dead because of me and I won't allow myself to bring such a drama into their lives ever again, its for the best.

For now, I'm happy. I love my life, Micheal gave me this life. Can you believe that? My enemy gave me the life I wanted? I've always dreamt of this life and the last person I expected gave me this life.

Yeah, there is a catch though. I'm his slave. That's all I dislike about this new life. I've to kiss him, cuddle, serve him whenever he wants, even though I don't like it, but I've too.

Its a way of thanking him for what he did for me, i mean c'Mon, he gave me my dream life, But apart from that slave thing , my life was perfect and I want it to continue like that. No love triangle and no One Direction.


I changed my clothes to dark blue skinny jeans and a black top. I took on my white toms, grabbed my bag from the table and went off the building.

It was a sunny day, so I decided to walk home, not wanting to bother the driver.

I was walking and and looking around me when I suddenly pumped into hard wall, or chest.

''I'm sorry, I-'' I started to say when I saw the most beautiful blue eyes ever, and who they belonged to. My mouth gaped in shock and I felt a huge twist in my stomach. Oh my god.

''Natalie?'' He asked in surprise, his face expression mirroring mine.

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