I Want <3

When you love a band you want to keep them...Now you can ;)


8. Yelling and Crying.

Ashleys P.O.V.

"Na, Na,NaNaNa" I sang in th car with Sarah to go pick up Harry and Niall. Our parents were meeting with us for lunch, right now its 9am. 4 hours..

Driving into the driveway we saw Harry yelling into a phone through a window. Sarah saw my conciern and said " Its Okay, ill talk to him" Im glad shes there for me.

Sarahs P.O.V

"Hey" Harry mumbled all dressed up nice. "Nialls just showering up" Ashley gave me a look and i quickly asked to talk to harry alone.

"Yeah.." Harry mumbled nervously. "Whats happening ? I mean who were you talking to on the phone? why are you nervous? I gushed fast but clearly worried. "Umm..Ill tell you after, Its nothing I Promise!"

We walked back and noticed Niall and Ash having a serious talk too. But Niall was covered in tears. 

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