I Want <3

When you love a band you want to keep them...Now you can ;)


13. Yay!

Sarahs P.O.V.

I was stunned.I totally forgot. "I can come!" Ashley said happily. Of course she can go, she gets watever whenever. Umm.. I might be able to come...like you know I totally want to but i dont know if my parents do! Like it is summer and they want me to go somewhere with friends or family!? I think to myself quietly. "What about you Sarah!" Harry squeaks a lil bit nevous. "Umm...Ok!" My smile hides the scaredness in me.

Everyone left so i grab oreos and a movie to watch, Then my mom comes in. " Hey Did you wanna talk!?" she says openly. I nod and ask with a huge hope of her saying yes. In my luck she agrees its ok since she met them and  im going with my Best friends. Plus Ive been crazy from the start about them! I Start packing near the end of the movie and fell alsleep after grabbing the last idems i needed from the dryer and drawers.

Awaking to my phone buzzing i jump to realize all my clothes were taken out like someone was looking for something. "WERE IS IT!" Someone yells opening my door. It was my sister. "What did you do!!" I yell back picking my clothes back up and putting them away quickly adding my own pillow and throw blanket. She stormed out and slammed the door as it was opened again by Ashley and Niall, both freaked out by my sister. "sorry idk what shes looking for.." i apoligize with a weak smile.

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