I Want <3

When you love a band you want to keep them...Now you can ;)


6. Woo adventure!

Sarahs P.O.V.

I wore a light top with `kiss the sky' on it and some faded jean shorts with some converse. We went to the nearest adventure park and met up with El and Perrie. Sadly Dani couldn`t come. We all decided me, niall & liam would be a group, perrie and zayn , ash and harry  and louis and el would stay coupled.

Bumper cars are the first pick. 

Harrys P.O.V

Ashley is right beside me and i want to grab her hand so bad. Our first ride was a rollercoaster and once were strapped in i grab her hand and she smiles. Bam. the ride starts... then stops going down. I then ask her to... be my girlfriend.

Sarahs P.O.V

The night was over faster then ever. Im laying down with my Tea and Ipod on the 2 albums the guys made with the 1 cover 'One way or another'. 'You cant go to bed without a cup of tea, and maybe..........Zzz.

Ashleys P.O.V.

Oh My Kitten. He asked me to be his GF and i said yes. Sarah doesnt know and my parents dont even know who he is. I text him and say ' tommorow your meeting my parents, Wear something nice!' Then i think about it and say 'I knew him for 2 days maybe this is a joke...or maybe he likes me that much..'

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